Where to post promos:  

Forum  or alternately the direct link

Examples of a good promo.

The match outcome mostly (but not always) depends on the quality of your roleplay or strategy.
Factors like effort, storyline and angles are considered too.

The higher the rank or quality of your roleplays, the higher the chance for you to win the match. For example: a moderate roleplay beats a good strategy.

A good roleplay is not necessarily a very long roleplay. It is a roleplay that is not too short, has some content and is fun to read.

If you provide a combination, eg. Roleplay + Strategy, your chances of winning a match might be higher.

The QUANTITY FACTOR has always been a controversy. We don't care how many flashes/roleplays you type for your match judgment. If they are boring hell, your opponent with one exciting flash that is around 30 lines long can beat you. So if you think you can win by sending us a `novel`, then save your efforts. We value `A+ essays`, not `D- novels`.



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