Coffee with a pal

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Mon, Dec11, 2017 7:12pm America/Phoenix
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Coffee with a pal
Downtown, Burlington,Ontario.

 It is a cool evening about around negative 1 Celsius.  We see two men walking side by side, one is wearing an army jacket and the other is wearing a quality just above the knee length hugo boss black coat. In their hands we see that they are carrying hot drinks as the steam realise from the top of the Tim Horton's cup flowing into the night sky. The snowflakes slowly falling as they flicker in the street lights.The camera focuses on one snowflake that slowly lands on the shoulder of the man in the nice coat. His hand wrapped by a leather black glove brushes it away. The camera opens up and we see that it is Tommy Lipton. The man in the Army jacket crosses the street and he gets into a car. 

"Gonna be somebody some day." 

Tommy points to the car driving off. 

"So Rex I know you are watching so let's take a walk. You and I have done so much together, and it was one of my better years in the WWX. But hey, don't let it go to your head like holiday eggnog. It's been nice to actually have someone watching your back for once in this place and not having to drive solo. Maybe you are more wet behind the ears if you cannot appreciate what I meant by saying this tandem we created was a pretty good moment in my career. I guess maybe in a few years you'll finally understand what I mean."

Tommy looks up as the snow hits his face. He stands there for a moment.

"Its a cold evening, perfect to enjoy a coffee and have a chat with an old friend. I'm glad you could make it Rex, I am glad we have this moment to talk. It's clear you are a bit shaken lately over facing a couple of lossless to a man you clearly felt was old and past his prime. Does it surprise you that I have beaten you twice and now you are in fear of losing this series? It probably does surprise you doesn't it, that's why you lost buddy. How many times did I tell you not to underestimate our opponents and yet you dont listen. It costed us some near losses in the past, it costed you at Hall of Pain when you clearly underestimated Syndicate... and here you are doing it again, underestimating me and you are almost knocked out of this series."

Tommy looks around at the empty street. 

" Isn't it funny how things just change over night, how everything can be going one way and then they go another. Life is always throwing us curve balls and it's up to us to swing and connect with them. See yesterday I was riding high with you and we were drinking tequila and celebrating our tag championship reigns and yet today, we are now on opposite sides looking to prove to each other just how damn good we are with the Undisputed Championship in sight. 
But you need to ease up, because I think you may be frightening your little women there. In a world of all these sexual misconducts and mistreating of women that look she gave you concerned me. I do not like to think that somewhere a women is afraid of the man shes in company with."

Tommy takes a sip of his timmies coffee. 

"I looked at that photo and what a strong image it was, smoke surrounding those huts of the village, the fear of what has happened and what will come. Horrible, but if you think I am afraid or if my fate will be held in your hands you are gravely mistaken. What happened on Friday is simple, you won, your arm got raised for the very first time and now your ego wants to run wild with it. Ok budd, what I don't get.."

Tommy shakes his head and hands.

"What I don't really get is why, why you keep saying I'm living in some past decade? That this isn't 2009, I very much understand that. You keep talking about the Tommy of yesterday ignoring the Tommy of today.  I was successful this past year and a few months just as I have always been successful. I don't need to talk about all my success from OH' NINE Rex, I have accomplished a couple of things already upon my return so hey, I think I'm handling the here and now just fine! How about you? I was inducted into the Hall where as I mentioned you needed to hug my coat tails for some recent success. But keep breaking down paintings or pictures and being creepy to women..."

He crosses the street and gets into his car. He fixes the rearview mirror and he stops as his eyes meet in the mirror.

"I do have a lot of things to be happy about in my career, my glory days however as much as you may want to think are far from over. I still have a few more big moments left in my career to achieve. I am currently sitting here with 2 wins over a man who thought he had my number .. Rex, You did walk away the winner last Ravage but that doesn't mean fates now in favor of you, you need two more wins where as I need to beat your ass one more time. I have no plans to just roll over and give up. I Am not just coming to beat your ass, the World Champ better realize I am coming for him when I am done with you!"

He pulls a cigar from his glove box and puts it in his mouth. 

"Your Rexcellence expires on Ravage."

He turns on the car and speeds off. 


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