Come at me bro!

Roleplay Roleplay by TWIST
On Fri, Apr20, 2018 5:42am America/Phoenix
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Come at me bro!
The scene opens in a gravel parking lot as a grey Dodge Ram pulls in and parks. A man wearing faded blue jeans a black t-shirt and a leather jacket climbs out and starts pulling supplies out of the back and letís his dog out. He quickly realizes the camera crew and turns to them. 

Man: May I help you?

Camera man: Twist!! We are from WWX and wanted to ask you about your debut match in WWX at the next PPV. 

Twist: Iím a little busy so letís make this quick.

Camera man: Can you tell us anything about yourself? We know very little about you.

Twist: Ha ha you will know all you need to know soon enough. For now all you have to know is that Iíve been wrestling on the independents all over the world. I know my way around that ring and I have won Championships wherever I go. WWX will be no different. I plan on steamrolling all the competition until I am the only man left standing.  And I think I made that clear at the last TV taping Wreckage. 

Camera man: What can we expect out of you in the ring?

Twist: Do I look stupid to you? Do you think Iím going to give my competition at WWX a leg up or a glimpse into what I can bring to the square circle?  Especially for a TV Title match. If you want to know what I bring to the table and what I can do in that ring, I suggest you do the same thing the fans and the other wrestlers can do, Google me. 

Camera man: One last thing Twist. You attacked Dragonfly before your match on Wreckage. What was that about?
Twist: For what I have heard Dragonfly is no joke and is heavy competition. But honestly, it doesnít matter who I face and it doesnít matter how good they are. I have a job to do and that step in that ring, kick some ass and leave. On wreckage I had a message to give, and Dragonfly was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And if he or anyone else has a problem with me well you only have one option; COME AT ME BRO!!
Anymore questions because I have things to do.

Camera: Of course, thank you for your time.

Twist: Great! Come on Oakley, Come on boy!!

Twist then grabs his supplies and walks into a barn being followed by his loyal pup. 

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