Come get some promo #2

Roleplay Roleplay by JUSTICE JOHNSTON
On Fri, Jun16, 2017 8:28am America/Phoenix
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Come get some promo #2

-The scene opens cold with a shot of Justice Johnston standing there, staring into the camera with a slight hint of a grin hiding beneath the forest of long stringy hairs he calls a beard. Mayhem is right around the corner and the Juggernaut is ready for a fight.-

JUMBO: Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you.. I don't do passive aggressive. Only AGGRESSIVE! Cuz I ain't never minced words, not once. Justice Johnston says what he means and means what he says just as much as I do what I want, when I want, how I want ta do it. So if you wanna insult me? That's fine. I ain't a thin skinned snowflake that gets all butt hurt and bent outta shape over nothing, so none of that jibber jabber don't mean a damn thing to me. You wanna try an offend me with childish 1st grade level insults? Hey, go for it. Cause I can guaran-damn-tee you there ain't nothin' you can say about me that ain't been said far better by worse summbitches in the world that you. Dumbo? You can do better than that Black. Let's just hope for your sake TB, that you are better in the ring then you are on the stick. Cuz When there is the first chance for an opportunity.. I am going to beat the piss, the dog snot AND the ever loving hell outta Tom all at the same time until his whole body is BLACK and blue! That reminds me.. The Blade Club bought you something, Dark One. It's a clue and if you still don't get it then I guess it's up to me ta beat some sense into you and serve up my own brand of... Justice.

-A wicked, sinister smile spreads across his bearded face as those words escape his lips.-

JUMBO: TB is a talent that the Blade Club coulda seen eye ta eye with if situations were different but that ain't here nor there no more, cause we're already well past the "why" an we're fixin' ta deal with the bottom line. An that's this Juggernaut goin' head ta head with The Dark One. Now we already know that Tom Black and Bishop Polaris are a coupla hard-nosed summbitches, cause we've been in the ring with those crazy bastards before and handled business. We took the best those boys could dish out an we still showed 'em that when it comes ta kickin' ass and taking names? Blade Club's in a class all by themselves. An if he doesn't realize this yet, he will the second that bell rings Sunday Night, cuz Tom Black's ass belongs to me!

-He said with a self-assured nod.-

JUMBO: Black might have a mean streak a mile long and a river wide but he still gots ta show up an prove what he can do between them ropes. An he's gonna have ta do it against a six foot-eight, three hundred and eighty five pound living, breathing JUGGERNAUT! A juggernaut with a seventy five pound weight advantage and a lower center of gravity to make it that much easier to get underneath that human giraffe and toss that seven foot tall freak around like a rag doll from pillar to post! 

-He stares down at both of his bulging boulder-like biceps then folds them across his massive chest-

JUMBO: Now I ain't gonna stand here all damn day, huffin' and puffin' like the big bad wolf talkin' an talkin' til I'm blue in the face, boring our listeners ta death just ta hear the sound of my own voice like a long winded Syndicate or Rayne promo. The fact is that tomorrow night, there's gonna be two angry giants in that ring an before it's all said an done, somebody's gonna get their ass handed to em'. An fer all the bettin' fans out there, if I were them? I'd put it all on Justice Johnston ta walk outta Hartford Connecticut the winner. That's the smart, safe bet because as you already know by now, the Blade Club are a walking license to print MONEY! WE are ratings! We put asses in seats and most importantly, dollars in our pocket.

-He makes the money gesture by rubbing thumb and fingers together.-

JUMBO: Let me make this plain and simple for everyone. The Blade Club? We're in it ta win it an that means takin' everythin' you boys can throw at us, an throwin' it right back at ya along with a hell of a lot more. The Blade Clubs callin' card is a simple one...we kick ass, we take names, we have fun doing an we lay down the hammer on any an all summbitches that get in our way. That's the way it goes. An if ya don't like it, well hell...come get you some!

-He snorts then turns and heads down the hallway, leaving the scene to fade to black.-

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