Comeback Press Conference.

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On Tue, May30, 2017 12:18am America/Phoenix
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Comeback Press Conference.
[The scene sets itself on a gloomy day as clouds have slowly blocked out the sun for a brief period of time and as this is happening, photos are being taken from inside a building, that being WWX Headquarters, the place where many of the most legendary conferences have been held as "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze steps out, dressed in a suit and tie, both of which are black and very stylish.]

*KB steps up to the podium and touches a few mics to make sure their working, as he gets a thumbs up from a technical producer*

KB: Let's start with some questions, I'm sure you're all dying to know what I have to say...

Trisha: Trisha from New York Times, how do you feel being back in the WWX?

KB: It's like a straight shot of adrenaline pumped into the veins...

The reason I asked you all here today is because I felt it was important to bring a sense of understanding back to the WWX, and I'm the man who can truly do that - Not Tommy Lipton. Not Corporal Sanders. Not even Rheinhardt, may he Rest In Peace.

Kent: Kent from Daily Tribune, why now? what's made you come back?

KB: I felt it was time to give WWX a shot of reality... 

Nobody is handed championships without earning them the right way.

The Alliance of Defiance was the only select group that I can truly say earned everything they got, and I should know, I was one of them.

I came back not only because I wanted too, I felt it was the right time to come back to say that not only does WWX NEED me back, they have a legend back, and that should say something.

Rey: Rey from Washington Post, Championship aspects? Potential tag team? What's in it for you in the long run?

KB: I've been surveying the scene, and there are some people that seem like a good tandem with - Kurtis Ray being a former World Champion would've been an interesting pairing, but that ship sailed the minute he talked some trash about me.

Everyone: Your real thoughts on Kurtis Ray?

KB: The whole world wants to know what I've got to say... Sure Kurtis, you are indeed a former World Champion as I've gone through your resume of championship victories and I have to commend you for that, but when you tell me that you've been wrestling for 10 years or so... Where, may I ask?

10 years of wrestling and you've finally come here? 10 years of wrestling elsewhere doesn't mean JACK when you've entered the Xistence.

Sure you might've seen a lot of people like me in your lifetime, but there's ever going to be ONLY ONE of Me, Kurtis.

*KB smiles, then the smile goes away just as soon as it appears*

KB: I just find it hilarious though that you seem to have figured me out already... Gifted, Athlete, and Aerial Specialist.

I don't use my nickname lightly either...

There hasn't ever been or will ever be truly anyone like me in wrestling, period.

*KB looks over and takes a drink of water*

KB: Couple more questions.

Trent: Trent, Seven Star Army - In the next few years, where do you see yourself in the WWX?

KB: Don't believe I've really ever heard of that paper but it sounds awesome -- In the WWX?


Being an unstoppable WWX Unified World Heavyweight Champion sounds like a great time to me in WWX, and I'm sure you and the fans worldwide would heavily agree with me on that.

*Some cheers are heard outside*

KB: Kurtis... When we do face each other in the ring, you won't be going against just some punk kid with a resume no... 

I'm bringing the pain, and your name just happens to be on the chopping block towards my fate as being WWX World Champion again.

Thanks for the conference everyone, I'll see you all at Ravage.

*The video ends abruptly as we now focus on Chris Sanders in the WWX Studios*

Sanders: Well that ended abruptly - We'll keep you all up to date about the latest with Krimzon Blaze and anything we can, goodnight everyone!

[Fade To Black.]

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