Coming for the Witch

Roleplay Roleplay by CRAZY JENNA
On Fri, Jun08, 2018 6:24pm America/Phoenix
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Coming for the Witch
 Crazy Jenna is walking down a dark ally in the darkest hours of the night. From time to time she quickly steps out of then back into the shadows.

As CJ walks :: Hex Girl your name kinda reminds me of my greatest foe  Nightwalker so called Queen of Hell. So what made you so HEXXED? You cursed? Your able to cast magic in a single thought? Or you jynx your foes?


You got in my way to becoming a WWX Mommy when you stopped me from winning the Hardcore Title. 

So at Wreckage I am going to wreck your face and teach you a lesson. That lesson is dont get in my way when it involves a child. 

When we face each other Hex Girl it wont matter if it is a Hardcore match which is what I aam hoping for, or a regular match. Before you go up that ramp to the back your going to be covered in your own blood.

CJ steps into the light and shows her badly bruised face :: HEX IT'S PAYBACK TIME!!

CJ keeps punching her fist till the scene fades to black.

( OOC good luck Hex Girl)

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