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On Fri, Feb16, 2018 4:18am America/Phoenix
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(The scene opens up in a backstage area. There is a poster up for a WWX Developmental show, and there are a number of producers around for TV tapings for the WWX Network developmental brand. After a moment, Kurtis Ray appears, dressed in his street clothes with an elaborate vest portraying cartoon knights fighting orcs in a graffiti style, with the centerpiece being gold text that says #Crusader.

He talks to the producer for a moment who initially shakes his head, but after a moment the chubby man sighs and nods, moving off to talk to other people. Kurtis stretches, bouncing on his feet as his music starts to to play a minute later.

The camera angle changes a moment later as Kurtis emerges into the arena, and the crowd pops for the former champion. He plays to the crowd for a minute before making his way to the ring, slapping hands and bumping fists on the way. When he reaches the ringside, he vaults over the ropes, landing with a flourish and earning another pop from the crowd. He strips off his vest, holding it up for the camera to see before tossing it into the crowd, where a number of fans fight over the custom piece. The ring announcer hands over a microphone, and Kurtis raises a hand to the crowd, encouraging them to quiet down.)

KURTIS: What's up, Universe?

(The crowd roars again, and Kurtis grins. He makes a show of sighing, letting them howl and chant for a moment before encouraging them to be silent.)

KURTIS: I love the fact you guys like me, but I got places to be so we gotta wrap it up, alright?

(There is laughter and hoots from the crowd, but they finally quiet down.)

KURTIS: So I know what you guys are expecting. I know what Jake Devine and Jarvis Valentine and Syndicate is expecting, and that's for me to talk trash. Cause let's be honest, I spend a lot of time doing that. Verbal jabs. Trading barbs. Alternating between pretending I respect them and admitting I could really care less. It's exhausting doing that night after night, you know? So while I may acknowledge comments made by my opponents, that's not expressly why I'm out here. i'm out here because the Hyoe Train needs a recharge, and WWX fans are the best for that. So lemme hear ya!

(Kurtis raises one arm and pumps it, earning an emphatic response from the crowd.)


KURTIS: Damn skippy! You guys never let me down. But there are brass ticks to get down to, and now's the time for that. Y'see, your old buddy Kurtis has been in this position before. I am days away from a chance to be a Crusade Cup champion. And in an odd little twist of fate, the first person I'm facing on Saturday is the very person that cost me the Crusade Cup the last time around. I'm not usually one to hold a grudge, but this is Syndicate we're talking about and I think I've made it abundantly clear how I feel about that. Syndicate is in the market for the Crusade Cup, at least ostensibly, because he wants to guarantee a rematch between him and Darkness at some point in the future. nd I bet you guys want to see that, right?

(The crowd reaction is exuberantly positive and they begin a yes chant. Kurtis doesn't look surprised, but he lets them chant for a moment before waving for them to stop again.)

KURTIS: I got it, you guys like Syndicate and Darkness, and you like the idea of them facing off again. So that means I'm probably going to disappoint you all at Aftershock, because I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that doesn't happen. Aftershock is going to start off with the match of the night, and it's going to end with Kurtis Ray walking out the place with the Crusade Cup. If that means I have to hurt Syndicate to do it, well that's unfortunate, but I'll do what I have to. If it means I gotta break his buddy Darkness, too, then that's unfortunate. But you know what? Piss on it. I want the Crusade Cup. The Hype Train wants his due, and the Hype says that you want to see Xavier Pendragon versus Kurtis Ray for the title just as much as Darkness and Syndicate, right?

(The crowd reaction is, once again, overwhelmingly positive, and the yes chants start again. This time Kurtis joins in and leads them, keeping it going for some time before he raises the mic again, gesturing for them to quiet down.)

KURTIS: You're damn right. So no offense, Syndicate, but your match isn't the only 'legendary' clash on the line. Now normally I'd have something to say about Jarvis Valentine, but there's not much to say. He's been surprisingly absent of late after a strong start, so I guess nerves got the better of him. Shame that it, cause he had some promise. But whatever. Maybe next time he'll deliver.

(There is a bit of a negative reaction to Kurtis writing off Jarvis, but he shrugs it off.)

KURTIS: Then there's Jake. Jake who is the only person so far ho's showing my any respect. Then he turns around and says that I think I'm challenge because I beat the West Virginia Mountaineer. Jakey, buddy, haven't you been paying attention? With the exception of the last couple of weeks where I was under the weather, I've been wrecking shop since I came back here. You don't want to be underestimated? I get that. But it seems like you're getting a little too big for your britches. I know we're all on the same side here.In fact, I'm not sure there are any actual villains on our roster right now, other than your buddy Tanno. but let me make something clear.  You're out of your element, kiddo. You call yourself the fallen and that's fitting, because when the crusade cup is in the books, that's what you'll be. Fallen. Vanquished. You say you can keep pace with a main eventers, but I've never seen anything from you to back it up.

(Kurtis shakes his head, beginning to pace in the ring.)

KURTIS: You're right, though. I'm one of the most intense people in this ring. I'm one of the only people on this roster that your old pal Syndicate can't beat without a handicap or a friend helping him out. I was a TV champion in a time when the TV championship division was full of people who had lost there way. One year ago I lost the TV title and won the World Title in the same night in a show where I blew the roof off of an arena TWICE. You think you can compete with a wrestler of my caliber? Sunshine, the only reason you're gonna look good if we face off in the final is because I make you look amazing. I know it. THEY know it. And deep down, you know it. I hope you put up a good fight. I hope you go in there planning to wreck shop and walk away with the cup by any means necessary, and that applies to all of you, because otherwise you're going to put up a disappointing fight. Struggle, boys. Fight and struggle and fail under the onslaught of a conquering hero. You all know what comes next, right?

(Kurtis holds the mic out to the crowd.)


(Kurtis grins.)

KURTIS: You're damn right.

('Hype' roars back to life and Kurtis tosses the mic back to the ring announcer, vacating the ring post haste. He makes his way back up the ramp, slapping hands and bumping fists until he reaches the stage, where he pauses for a moment, basking in the cheers from the fans, before disappearing into the back.)

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