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Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Mon, Jun26, 2017 2:02pm America/Phoenix
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???: I knew it wouldn't be long before Syndicate chimed in his two cents on how our upcoming match is gonna end. Considering he's the reigning World Champion, it's only fitting that he would say that I'm not gonna win against him on Ravage.

"The Machine" Xavier Pendragon is seen walking through the hustle and bustle crowd of Tokyo. He turns the corner and comes upon a restaurant and goes inside. He is greeted in the traditional Japanese custom and then seated at a table next to a window.

XAVIER: Syndicate, I gotta question for you. Do you honestly think just you're sitting at the top of the mountain as the World Champion that you can't be beaten? Is that it? If my memiry serves me correctly, Kurtis Ray beat you on more than one occasion, since you wanna bring up the past in order to anger and cloud my mind and judgment. Nice try Syn. Did I count on you getting involved in my Crusade Cup match? No. Did I ask for your help during that match? No. You chose to get involved in my match as a way to get back at Kurt for something that orginally didn't involve me.

A waiter comes along, stopping at Xavier's table. The waiter takes Xavier's order then leaves.

XAVIER Syndicate, you and I are alike on at least one front; we both have dealt with people constantly trying to get into our heads saying that we'll never win the match against them because they're the champ or my personal favorite "you're not the same caliber wrestler as me" I've heard it all. Oh, how about this one- "Not only am I going to beat you, I'm gonna end your career". I've heard it all on my end Syndicate. Not sure if you heard that on your end, but I really don't care. The only thing I care about is our upcoming match on Ravage. It's natural that since you're the World Champ that you look down on me because I haven't held the World title in my career thu far. It's cool, I respect that. So come Ravage, I'm gonna charge at you full speed ahead, putting my entire moveset on display and you doing what you best, but keep mind......when I beat you for the 1, 2, 3, the only thing I'm gonna tell you is "You shouldn't have underestimated me" See ya

scene fades

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