Contract signed, crusade cup continues...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Sun, Jan21, 2018 8:18pm America/Phoenix
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Contract signed, crusade cup continues...
(Bob Mellon takes a day at the beach, deciding to stay the week in Long Beach, CA. Sitting on the beach he seems to be in a rather good move after this past week on Ravage. After finally making his point known to Hex Girl, the International Title match is set for two weeks from now. It will be a hardcore match featuring two competitors with a deep running rivalry. Meeting twice in the past, both were title matches in their own respect. First, it was a Television Title match that was aided by an interference by Jarvis that helped in Hex retaining the title. In their second meeting, the roles were reversed. Mellon, the International Champion, put his title on the line in a match that would land Hex Girl in the hospital for an extended period of time but left the crowd once again without a definitive winner. Now, a third time will settle the score. A hardcore match to decide and finally, end the rivalry between these two athletes. Also on Mellon's mind is his upcoming Crusade Cup match with Jake Devine. It is proving to be a big week, as he sits on the beach taken a day of relaxation when his phone rings)

Mellon: Hello?

Tom: Hey Bob, it's Tom. I just wanted to touch base with you on how things are going. Have you seen the WWX Heat post about Devine saying that he would beat you this weekend?

Mellon: Yeah, I saw it. Looked a lot like basic confidence. He was in a jawing match with Super Bacon and apparently needed to let the universe know that he was destined to be the next WWX World Champion. I understand it but I have to say, I don't think this guy really has any idea what he's up against. It won't be a walk in the park for this guy. I haven't held onto this International TItle for over two months by just being lucky. It's been hard work, day in and day out. You can't argue that. 

Tom: That's clear however you finally are going up against some real competition. This week will be a big challenge for you in this tournament. 

Mellon: From here on out all of these bums are going to be real competition. That's the great thing about this tournament. It begins to weed out the weaklings that do nothing but hurt the federation. As we approach the end of the cup we will see who is left standing and then and only then will we play witness to what real competition is. Devine is the first test in a long line of tough battles coming up. I won't lie, the more he wants to predict a win this weekend against me, the more I cannot wait to knock his teeth in. 

Tom: How do you plan to approach the match?

Mellon: The same way I always do. All or nothing, focused, and willing to do what it takes to win. This is survival of the fittest at this point. It isn't about half-assing the job now. Holiday Hell was a great example of what happens when someone shows up unprepared. Tom Black learned that lesson and he learned it fast. Once again, that moron proved that he couldn't even get out of the first round. All of the potential in the world wasted week in and week out. I know this week will not be like that and because of that, I am so excited. I'll channel that energy to help me in the best way possible. Also, I want to stress, I will do what I need to do to win this match. There is no messing around. 

Tom: What about two weeks from now? With Hex Girl?

Mellon: I am so annoyed that she allowed my contract to go unsigned for as long as she did. That was set up before Holiday Hell and she just decided to continue to ignore it. Now I want to stress something important. I did not interfere in that match. It's not my fault she wasn't paying attention to the right person. Frankly, she had that match in the bag. I know that. She knows that. How does she drop that opportunity? ADD? ADHD? With an attention span like that thank god there are no squirrels running around the arena or else she wouldn't be able to get through a match. Now, all I did was get on the apron and tell her, "You're too afraid to respond. You couldn't survive in a match like that with me." She chose to yell back and Jarvis did the rest. 

Tom: But Bob, you got her attention... You aided in that loss.

Mellon: I was just delivering a very important document to a very forgetful colleague. That's all I was doing. Maybe now she has learned a valuable lesson. I mean, let's not downplay the fact that yes, she is out of a World Title shot but she now has an International Title shot. Sure the crusade cup would have been the quick route to the top but my title, if she can win, isn't a bad route either. All she needs to do is show up which I'm sure she will. I guess the problem is having her show up. After this match, she may never walk again. We all saw what happened last time. Ranger may need to be on hand to stop the match because I won't stop the beat down and she won't quit. That is a bad combination. 

Tom: You need to be careful here... You can't..

(Mellon cuts him off mid-sentence)

Mellon: I don't care if it's Hex or Devine or anyone else. When I go in they better not only be prepared for a fight but be prepared for the unthinkable. The unimaginable. I stop only when the bell rings. I am a walking danger. If they choose to step into the ring with the Beast then it is on them. Whatever happens to them is not my responsibility. It is definitely irresponsible of the WWX to put anyone in the ring with me but even more so Hex because of what happened last time. However, they are sanctioning the hardcore match and the rest will be what it will be. Listen, Tom, I have to go. I'm in the middle of something.

Tom: Yeah but...

Mellon: Tom, I'm going. Goodnight. 

(Mellon hangs up and sits there continuing to look out on the ocean contemplating the future and what is coming next for the Beast)

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