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On Wed, Aug08, 2018 11:36pm America/Phoenix
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Location: Toronto Ontario Canada
Site: Fairmont Royal York Hotel
Date: 08-09-18
Time:  12 A.M.


[An Outside shot of The Fairmont Royal York  is shown for a moment as the Scene opens. Then shifts into the Fairmont Penthouse. WWX Champion Xander Adams is lounging on the Fancy Black and White Futuristic Art Deco Couch, the Hotel has furnished for those who stay in this fabulous room. He is wearing a White Bathrobe with a Royal York Emblem and the WWX World Title laying on the cushion next to him.]


[The Camera spins onto a Server with a Hotel Jacket. He closes a Metal Ice Bucket and is holding a Fancy bottle of Champagne spewing liquid out as it was just opened a moment ago and a glass in the other hand. The server pours a bit of the clear liquid into a Glass and lets the foam die a little. Then hands it to Xander Adams with a large smile on his face hoping to make the Champ Happy.]

Server: “As Requested, Canada’s Finest Sir!”

[Xander takes the glass gives it a slight sniff, then swirls the glass and takes a large sip.]

Server: “Is it to your liking Sir?”

[He watches Xander for a moment. Then Xander suddenly snears and spits the Champagne out of his mouth and all over the Server. Glaring at the startled worker.]

Xander: “What is this SWILL?”

[Xander tosses the glass.]


[The worker quick runs off to clean the mess.]

Xander: “Does anything worthwhile come out of this god forsaken hell hole?”

[Xander shakes his head.]

Xander: “Canada, might be the one thing I hate more than, Smarmy,  snot nose punks like Syndicate. Let’s face it, Any Country that celebrates people like Justin Bieber and Tommy Lipton, as some kind of heroes, Ought not exist.”

[Xander chuckles.]

Xander: “But since Tommy Lipton needs to stroke his Ego a little and force us to Wrestle in his Hometown. I have no other choice but to slum it here, at the Royal York.”

[The Server moves back into View.]

Server: “Can I get you something else?”

[The Server urgency want to please Xander.]

Xander: “Just go away.”

Server: “Yes Sir!”

[The Server grabs the handle of his cart and pushes it out of view.]

Xander: “You know what makes me hate, Canadians, like Syndicate, they have little, to no backbone. You can’t insult them and degrade them and they just Whimper take it and keep coming back for more. Which Ironically makes this Feud between Tommy Lipton and Syndicate all the more Hilarious. When two Retards start arguing, no matter who wins, their still retarded.”

[Xander reaches down and picks the World Title up and places it on his shoulder.]

Xander: “But even watching two Retards babble on, one can still learn something. For example. How easy it is to expose you people as the Hypocrites you are. How quickly your morals and ideals shift from day to day on mere words and Actions of The World Champion.”

[Xander gives off a quaint laugh.]

Xander: “One moment it’s I’ll win at all costs, then you shift too, if I lose I will keep coming back. One second you are standing out there proudly making promises of Victory, then the next you Admit your word means nothing. You claim I will ruin this company, yet threaten to burn it down in come childish Tantrum, if you lose.”

[He looks over the World Title.]

Xander: “I hope Tens of Thousands of Canadians show up to witness my downfall. I will relish every single moment of our match, knowing the disappointment, they will feel as you fail to live up to your promises once again Syndicate. I will be energized, as I slowly beat the hope of your victory from them and I pick you apart in that ring.”

[Xander looks back at the camera.]

Xander: “But your failing to challenge me and inevitable loss isn’t what’s going to make Fury special. No that honor belongs to MR. WWX, Syndicates Boogeyman the General Manager, Captain Canada, Tommy Lippy. The great and powerful man behind the curtain.”

[He begins laughing.]

Xander: “You see, Tommy interjected himself into the Picture this week. He claimed I didn’t have the balls to face him, Yet, here I am Tommy, about to beat The Wandering idiot you failed over and over to take down. The man who has embarrassed you time and time again.”

[Xander Smirks.]

Xander: “But this won’t be the first time I tore Syndicate up, no this will be the third time. But what makes this one so Special, is as World Champ, I will get a front row seat to watch you choke down, that jealousy that’s swelling up inside you Tommy. Knowing Xander Adams makes it look this easy, shitting all over Tommy Liptons Tough guy act and his legacy. By destroying the man he never could.”

[Xander looks at the World Title again.]

Xander: “But then again, this was never about Balls, was it Tommy, Xander Adams as always been here. You just never looked very hard. But then again, why would you?  You couldn’t even take out a Two bit punk like Syndicate, what chance did you have versus, the greatest Technical Wrestler the Squared Circle has ever seen?”

[Xander smiles.]

Xander: “So at Fury, you have a choice, pretend to be blind and watch Xander finish off the man, that upstaged you left and right Or show your true colors Tommy and come to the aid of a guttersnipe like Syndicate and try to stop this SHOW from marching on!”

[The World Champ gets to his feet.]

Xander: “Either way, Man up or Shut up and enjoy the show.”

[Xander pats the World Title.]

Xander: “As for you Syndicate, We both know Man up or Shut Up aren’t options, cause you are capable of neither. You can’t Shut UP and to Man up, well you have to be a man. To be a man, you must have Conviction and you don’t know the meaning of it. You flip flop and sway back and forth at the slightest breeze in the air.”

[Xander grins.]

Xander: “No, I’m afraid at Fury, you’re all out of OPTIONS Syndicate. You shall fall, not ONCE, but TWICE and with each FALL, Xander Adams will Rejoice in the crowds misery as they think back, to your broken promises and know I am the Future of the WWX.”

[The Camera zooms in on the dented and battered WWX Title and then fades to Darkness.]

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