Covering World Series

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On Sat, Sep16, 2017 2:11pm America/Phoenix
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Covering World Series
[ The segment starts with Fill checking something in his bags in the locker room, when he hears a knock at the door ]

Fill: Yeah?

[ A slightly muffled voice answers from the outside ]

Chris Sanders: Hey Fill, it's Sanders. Got a minute to answer a few questions.

[ Fill mumbles quietly and replies ]

Fill: Oh alright, let's get it over with.

[ Sanders enters the room and appears to understand Fill isn't in the mood ]

CS: If it's a bad time we can do this later.

Fill: No need, I'll be in the same mood.

CS: Okay then.

[ At first Fill continues digging through his bad, while Sanders looks on awkwardly and asks his first question ]

CS: Possibly one of the most anticipated WWX pay-per-views is nearly here. Every ring will have possible contenders from each ranking group, and logically you've been put in the International ring. You'll be going up against plenty of familiar faces, including your teammates from When Worlds Collide. Is your strategy to work together?

[ Fill stops what he's doing and finally turns his attention towards Sanders ]

Fill: Strategy...hmmm. I've hardly thought of one, even though everyone would expect us to eliminate everyone together and watch on who the best one of us is. That might happen, however no one can write out any of us fighting on our own. You know well enough that each one of us has our own pride, Jester, me, especially Korath. There is much that can happen in a match like this, so it would be most interesting if we keep guessing and wait and see.

CS: That covers your teammates, someone else you're very familiar with is the current International Champion. Everyone in that ring are very aware of the fact that eliminating the champ will give the one that eliminated him a direct title shot at the next edition of Fury.

Fill: Indeed, there are no positive thoughts between me and Blayde Archer. We went through nearly every kind of hell over the last month or so - falls count anywhere, first blood, parking lot brawl. Considering he's carrying the title currently you can guess who won the last battle. I might've said he won the war as well, if When Worlds Collide hadn't reunited. We can take this war to the next level, however Blayde has been rather quiet lately. Something tells me he thinks that just by being International Champion it's enough, no need to care about anything else. Now I don't know about that title shot, but my main aim in this match isn't to win. It's to help remove Blayde from it. But then again, how I'm going to do that, you'll have to wait to find out.

[ Fill has a sadistic smile on his face while saying those last words ]

CS: That covers everyone, except for Bob Mellon.

Fill: I don't have anything on him unfortunately. He mentioned himself that he's had history here, even though I'm not sure "here" was WWX yet. Either way, if he's held a title he must mean something. But even so, that doesn't mean he'll get treated like a champion. What he did back then is just what it sounds like - history. But currently, he's in the present, not the past, history has changed a lot and so far, he doesn't fit in it. If he wishes to return to his former glory, all he has to do is win, and considering how much he has to go through at Worlds Series - chances are pretty low. Now...

[ Fill raises his hand and points at the door, seemingly about to tell Sanders to leave, before Sanders interrupts him ]

Sanders: Just one more question, back in 2013 you weren't included in the World Series pay-per-view and there was some speculation that there was a reason for that. Mind explaining what that reason was?

Fill: Oh boy, you really want to know it all don't you? Well, I don't remember complete details, but around that time I was under the impression that World Series wasn't the type of pay-per-view I wanted to be in. Surely enough I'd like nothing more than complete and utter chaos in the ring, but to go through one bunch only to get to another bunch, that was too much for me back then. I just didn't like Worlds Series as a whole and I refused the offer when I was given it. However, now I'm a different person, frankly I don't care about Worlds Series. What I care about, is having a little bit of fun.

Sanders: What do you mean by that?

[ Sanders asks with a confused look on his face, but Fill grabs him by the hand and pulls him to the door ]

Fill: Sorry, but that's all the time we had, all of your questions will be answered when my match takes place, so... bye bye.

[ Fill pushes Sanders out of the locker room and slams the door behind him, taking a deep breath and moving away from the camera, before it fades to black ]

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