Crash and Burn

Roleplay Roleplay by TOM BLACK
On Fri, May26, 2017 5:54am America/Phoenix
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Crash and Burn
[Tom Black is walking on the side of a main road up a hill. The countryside is all around him. He isn't breaking a sweat, even with the extremely steep incline.]

Tom Black: So, Mayhem. It is the name of the show that occurs every Sunday, and mayhem is what I create every Sunday.

[He looks as if he's just had a brilliant memory.]

Tom Black: Oh yes! I've just remembered, I have a match this Sunday! Who was it against? Glorious Gaijin or whatever you call him. Yes I've seen your little message. Did you have lots of fun at the fair? This isn't about fun, how much did you pay for that simulator? $2? 3? Then how much did you pay Adams to get into a match with the Dark One? $200? $1000? Well I know how much I payed, absolutely nothing. When your driving a car, you need to take a few things into account, the gears, and the speed. If you go to fast on the motorway...

[He points to a speeding car.]

Tom Black: You're gonna eventually crash and burn. Glorious Gaijin, I can promise you this, you will crash and burn. One second you may think you're the next big thing, but the next, you've crashed. I am the reason you're crashing, and you're not going to be able to save yourself. Apparently we have bad blood, but that's not true at all. If you stay out of my way once I beat you, we can have nothing to do with each other.

[He tries to force a smile, but it comes out looking worse than his usual mocking scowl, so he goes back to his normal facial expression.]

Tom Black: You may think I'm angry after my loss, and yes don't get me wrong, I'm furious...

[He twitches the neck as if he's having a flashback to the people he destroyed back in the Mayhem arena last week.]

Tom Black: But, I'm not furious now, I am channeling my anger on Sunday, it's going to be all out rage! I am going to cement my place once again, as a contender for the International championship! Unlike when I crushed that wannabe "King" Richard, this is important to my domination. 

[He's still walking up the long hill, but he's getting closer to the peak.]

Tom Black: This brings me back to my other point about that little driving thing, I will think of you as a man when you drive that thing for real, no pretending that you're in some expensive BMW, like a kid. Anyway, when you face me, it's not going to be some expensive arcade game, it's going to  
be for real, this time, your not going to win, you're going to crash and burn.

[He's finally reached the top of the hill.]

Tom Black: You see, I made it up that hill, without a car! Fake or real! This is going to be just like on Mayhem, I am going to be getting to the top by myself, without a fake machine, I'm making y way there on my own accord. and then I'm going to get my reward. Look...

[Now that the camera is up the hill it turns to face a sleek back BMW. Tom Black walks towards it and gets in, the engines start. He lowers the window and looks out to the camera.]

Tom Black: See? A dark BMW for the Dark One! And oh, Gaijin, you can't really drive this, this is for the big boys! Stay on your arcade machine kid.

[He starts rolling forward. He starts mumbling to himself...]

Tom Black: Glorious in wrestling... I'm sure I've heard that somewhere...

[The car speeds off in the distance as the screen fades to black.]  

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