Cruise Part II

Roleplay Roleplay by JARVIS VALENTINE
On Mon, Mar26, 2018 12:26pm America/Phoenix
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Cruise Part II
The scene opens to see a cruise ship sailing in a wide open ocean. The water is calm and the sky is darkening from high to low as you can see the sun setting off behind the cruise ship. The camera starts to move in to show more the deck of the ship. As we get closer we get see a massive pool in the middle of the deck with different levels surrounding the pool.  As we get closer we can see plush, orange lounge couches on the top level. Only a few are taken up of the many. We start to focus on a couple. As we get closer we see it is Jarvis and 

Summer. Jarvis is laying in the reclined part while summer lays across Jarvisís lap and abdomen. 

Summer: I love you Baby! 

Jarvis: I love you too. This is great, being able to lay out here in this amazing weather and watch a movie!

Summer: Yea, this whole drive in movie thing is pretty cool.

The credits of the movie start to play across the pool from them as Summer sets up a little before scooting back to lean against the back of the couch. They both take their drinks and take drinks. 

Summer: I really love your idea baby!

Jarvis: So do I. Everyone should be pretty surprised once we let the cat out of the bag. 

Summer sets down her drink and leans over and kisses Jarvis before laying on his chest. Jarvis finishes his drink and motions for another before setting his glass down as we hear the ocean in the background.

Summer: So after your match with Hex, Who do you face again?

Jarvis: Well, it will either be Mr. Tayna, the man I beat last week, or, Kurtis Ray.

Summer: Who you wanting to face?

Jarvis gets his new drink and tells the man to bring another before making half of his new drink disappear. 

Jarvis: Taste like water, that maíam is no good! But, I would rather face Kurtis to be honest. Kurtis, is a former world, television, and tag champ. He is a man I never have faced yet being part of WWX. I have already Mr. Tayna, so I have nothing more to prove to him.

Summer leans up and grabs her drink and sets up on the couch.

Summer: You have something to prove to Kurtis then?

Jarvis: Not really to Kurtis, but to myself. I feel like I am ready to be one of the top guys here in WWX. I prove day in and day out that I am a person who means business and can get things done. Look at our current Television Champ. Where is he? You never hear from him, and when you do it sounds like he is a d*ick in his mouth, then hell, we donít even have a International Champ, at least, till I win it. And, to be honest. I feel like I donít have a challenge. 

Thatís why Iím excited for my match with Kurtis when it happens. He will be a challenge. Just like the rest of the top tier guys like, Darkness, Jake, Tommy, and Mellon. There is some legends in there that I would really like to face off against. You already know baby, my main goal is to win that World Championship. And I can start proving I belong there when I face Kurtis, and pin him one, two, three for the International Championship!

Summer smiles at Jarvis before she stands up. Jarvis fallows before finishing his drink and setting back on the table. He grabs his other one he asked for before they start walking next to the railing. 

Summer: Iím really proud of you honey. Canít wait to see gold around your waist!

Jarvis: Next weekend baby, Iím making that happen! And then the fallowing week at wreckage; we are celebrating our championship win like no other celebration! There is going to be balloons, fireworks, celebrities, and so much more!! 

Jarvis wraps his arms around Summer and kisses her and then keeps holding her.

Jarvis: This Baby, is what I was craving. This excitement, the adrenaline. I have never had so much fun, and Iím so glad your going to experience it with me. I love you Summer.

Summer smiles

Summer: I love you too Jarvis.

They lean in and kiss long as the camera pans back off of the cruise ship as the scene fades to black.

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