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On Sat, Mar24, 2018 7:51pm America/Phoenix
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Jarvis: Alright, the last time you saw me I was covering Tanya Waters to get the three count. I now get to move on in this tournament to crown a new International Champion. So on the next Ravage we get to see Hex Girl and myself go one on one once again to continue to the finals, which, to much of my surprise. We will have the finals later, main eventing the night to determine the champion!

Summer: No kidding!! That’s is some pretty big news. I love you baby. I really hope you get that “W”!

Jarvis: Thank you love!

Jarvis hugs Summer and gives her a kiss before both of them turning back away from a railing. As the camera pans back we can see Jarvis and Summer aboard a cruise ship docked waiting to leave port. They head to a table with menus on them and take a seat.

Jarvis: This is a really big chance for me. If I can somehow come up with the upset in this tournament right before Armada….can you say momentum?  But first it all comes down to my first match. And just like last time, I am excited. Last time we had a great match. And I suspect this time will be the same. I respect this lady. She has done some great things here in WWX. 

Summer: Think you can beat here again?

Jarvis: Right now, the way I am feeling. I really do believe I am. My mind is in this thing one hundred percent. I know Hex will bring it like last time, and I’m pretty positive she is not going down without a fight. But in the end, I believe, and I hope, I will come out on top.

Summer: Who do you want to face in the finals? 

Jarvis: To be honest I really don’t care. Whoever it is, I know it will be a hell of a battle. Well, unless it is Tanya!

Both of them start laughing as the waiter comes over and takes their drink order. 

Jarvis: But, on a serious not. It will be a hell of a fight with Hex. But, I hope she brings her A game. Because it is going to be very hard to get through me to get to the finals. Again I find myself in a great place and a great chance at gold. Last time I kinda f’ed it up. This time, this will not happen. 

Summer smiles and leans in and give him a kiss. The waiter comes back with their drinks as he sets them on the table. They both order their food before kissing again. Jarvis leans back suddenly with a massive smile on his face. Summer cocks her head and smerks. 

Summer: What?

Jarvis stares into Summers eye’s.

Jarvis: I, I just got a brilliant idea, but, but I need to think about this for a minute. 

Summer: What baby?

Jarvis smiles and kisses Summer again. 

Jarvis: Let me think baby, this, this could be great!!

Summer smiles at Jarvis as the camera pans back, and Jarvis taking a drink while smiling at the same time as the scene fades to black….

To be Continued…..

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