Crushing the poets

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Thu, May18, 2017 8:47pm America/Phoenix
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Crushing the poets
[The camera opens up on what appears to be the backstage area of Ravage. The camera shows Fill walking around in his gear. He goes down a dark corner and stops for a moment looking around].

Fill: I swear he always does this...

[The camera follows Fill as the known voice can be heard].

Rayne: Youre right, I sure do.

[Fill jumps back and pulls his fists up ready to strike].

Rayne: Bring it down killer. Just cause I tell you I want to see you more aggressive doesn't mean I want it to be towards me. We have bigger things in mind. 

Fill: Oh yeah?

Rayne: Yeah, like bringing back the glory that was once our team. We had some of the best stable matches that this place has ever seen. We need to make them remember exactly who they are dealing with. 

Fill: Speaking of dealing with...what is going on with you lately? You haven't really been yourself

[Rayne jumps off what appears to be a speaker box that he was sitting on. His face comes to light as he stares hard at Fill].

Rayne: Fill, I have awoken. I have become what I should have become a long time ago. I have found my inner strength that I have yearned for quite some time. Finally, I am me. I am whole. I am...blessed.

[Fill looks at Rayne for a moment, unsure of what to say or do].

Fill: You sound confused is what you sound. 

Rayne: Confused...*laughs* Confused?! Ive never been more clear in my life. You see, tonight I get to go out and take on one of the biggest legends this place has to offer. After I dispatch him, you have another shot at the Television Championship. Once all that is said and done, we come back and move onto becoming the tag team that people need to fear. These posers running around here acting as if they know what they are doing make me sick. Old decrepit men who fall over, poets, all of them are nothing more than mere peons in the grand scheme of things, and we are the ones that need to be the chosen ones. In doing so, we need to show the world what we are really about. We need to show the world that we are once again a unit. And that starts on Mayhem. That starts when those two come from the shadows and step into the ring with the two men that will carry the tag division through the ages. Are you ready?

[Fill smiles and shakes his head in approval].

Rayne: Those two will never know what hit them. We both have sh*t to do though. We will always remember what happens...

Fill: When Worlds Collide!

[Rayne and Fill shake hands as Fill turns around heading down the hallway. Rayne stares at him for a moment].

Rayne: If only you were there Fill...if only you were there...

[Rayne turns around as the darkness of the area consumes him. The scene fades to black].

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