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On Thu, May25, 2017 10:08pm America/Phoenix
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[Cam Westport is in his film room with film of Kurtis Ray playing on the projector. Lamar Graham is sitting next to him with a clipboard and notes, explaining what Kurtis Ray is doing. Cam hits pause on the film and looks back at the camera.]

Cam “I’ve figured out a word that is perfect for our friend Kurtis Ray. It perfectly suits his childish behavior, his in ring attempts at wrestling, and the shade he tries to throw.”

LG “Cute”

Cam “Precisely, cute. Calling me by the wrong name… I think it’s cute. A very petty way to try to get under my skin. You keep doing you Kurtis, because you need whatever help you can get. Trying to marginalize the uprising of the Camchise, its cute. You’re a low end, “Top Guy” desperately trying to hang on to what’s left of his main event billing. You’re gonna get passed up, because as if the fans weren’t already over you, management is gonna be moving on next after they see The Franchise dismantle you on Mayhem. Maybe you should just stay on that sofa, seemed more fitting for you.”

[Cam and LG redirect their attention to the film, Cam hits play and the film shows Ray hitting the Hangover, kipping up and yelling “Get Up”, Cam pauses the film]

Cam “I like that part, the dead giveaway part where I know what’s coming. There’s no call out, giveaway for the Game Changer, so stay woke and keep your eyes peeled or else I’ll be splattering you below average grey matter all over the ring.”

[Cam stands up and moves into the next room, the camera follows. The room is pitch black until Cam hits the light switch revealing a weight room. Cam leans against a squat rack, shaking the weights making them clink and clank together.]

Cam “That room, the film room is where I get a key advantage. Intelligence. My film work always puts me a step ahead of my opponent. This room… this room provides me with a more traditional advantage. Strength… power. This is the room that gives the Game Changer its explosiveness and The W it’s power. The W, which I remind you nobody has ever kicked out of. It’s the most effective finishing move in the WWX.”

[Cam smiles, pleased with himself. He starts stretching his arms as he heads to the bench station.]

Cam “My greatest advantage however. Is when you take those two and mix them with my cardio, combined it all makes me the greatest athlete in the WWX… meanwhile Kurtis Ray… does… what? He spends way too much time crafting this “I Don’t Care Image” and while he’s trying to play it cool, I’m here making myself better than him. Kurtis Ray get ready for Sunday. Sunday May 28th, 2017 The Franchise Cameron Westport puts down former World Champion Kurtis Ray with ease. What a story to be told.”

[Cam goes under the bench rack and starts knocking out reps as LG encourages him.] 

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