Roleplay Roleplay by GIMMICK JONES
On Sat, May12, 2018 3:34am America/Phoenix
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[The scene opens from inside the studio, where backstage personality Leon Jones is currently hosting one of the weekly review shows for WWX.com. As the camera swoops down from above and moves into position in front of the broadcast desk, Leon greets the viewers in a dark grey suit and shoots a smile towards the camera. Seated next to him is his guest for the next segment. Dressed in a black leather biker gear.]

Leon Jones: We're back fanatics and as we mentioned earlier, our special guest has arrived. At this time, I'd like to welcome the fresh new face.

 [he glances at the rookie.] 

Leon Jones: Thank you for being here with us.

Gimmick Jones: The pleasure is all yours.

Leon Jones: With Ravage around the corner, what's going through your mind right now?

Gimmick Jones: You mean besides wanting to put my fist through the face of every Pendragon I see? I am thinking, how stupid is Xaxier and how much brain damage has he suffered through the past decade from to be so ignorant, naive and idiotic. I mean seriously, he said I would be turned into a thin red paste. Twice. As if if were a killer line. This is the level of stupidity we are dealing with here. The moron didn't even pay enough attention to see that I was not driving but rather met you on the sidewalk curb after using the cross walk legally.

Leon Jones: Fair point. You have seemed to target the entire Pendragon Family. Why?

Gimmick Jones: Because I can. Because none of those losers deserve to be here and Xavier has no one to blame for what I am about to do to his own blood but himself. 

(Looks directly into camera with focus and determination.)

Gimmick Jones: You brought this beat down on yourself. You have been exposed as the no talent fraud we all knew you to be and on Ravage? Xavier will finally realize it, too.

[Gimmick Jones removes the clip on microphone and walks off the set as the scene fades to black.]

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