Dane Crowder To Make Major Announcement Tomorrow! [11-22-17]

On Tue, Nov21, 2017 3:36pm America/Phoenix
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Dane Crowder To Make Major Announcement Tomorrow! [11-22-17]
Earlier today, Jake Archer announced that former WWX Champion Dane Crowder, is scheduled to make a huge announcement tomorrow afternoon outside of Deluxx Casino and Resort. Crowder, CEO of Deluxx Casino and Resort, along with 21 other properties throughout the world, has not been seen in a wrestling ring since his abrupt departure in 2011. 

Archer does not know what the announcement is regarding but was told from a source to Crowder that it was going to be a HUGE announcement. Take that for what it's worth as Crowder is known as a shameless self-promoter.

More to come on this story as it develops.


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