Dark Symbiote

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On Wed, May17, 2017 8:01pm America/Phoenix
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Dark Symbiote
[The camera comes to life inside a local cemetery located on the outskirts of Calgary, Alberto, Canada. The sky is dark and slightly cloudy. The moon is full and illuminates the cemetery grounds. The camera scans the cemetery grounds and eventually comes to focus on Darkness standing in front of a tombstone.]

Darkness: Rayne... The so called Dark King himself wants to take down the actual King. On Ravage the two forces of Dark shall collide with only one proclaiming himself as the King. Rayne you know nothing of what lies ahead. You know nothing of what resides in this mind of mine. What I have done in the past or what has been done to me in the past. 

[Darkness turns and looks up at the full moon. The slightly cloudy sky is becoming increasingly cloudier as the wind picks up.]

Darkness: Rayne, you brought up the scar I have on my back from a certain match with David GS. What you fail to realize that is not the only scar in my life. That is the only physical scar there is but the emotional scars run deeper. 

[Darkness begins walking through the cemetery at a slow pace.]

Darkness: You see Rayne I wasn't always Dark. I wasn't born this way. I wasn't raised like this. No, I was made by mankind himself. It was mankind that made me and it will be mankind that will try and stop me. Duncan McIver, James Ranger, Tommy Lipton, Corporal Sanders to name a few that have tried to stop me only to fail. Now there is you Rayne, one more that I shall add to the list.

[Just then the clouds let loose and it begins to rain saturating the cemetery grounds and Darkness in the process.]

Darkness: It seems Rayne that we were create in the same fashion. The only difference is that you sat and waited for the pain and a darkness to consume you. You waited and waited and then finally gave in. I let it consume me just like a symbiote. It took over my body, my mind, and control everything about me. It created the Cerebral Assassin. It created Darkness and now it wants to consume the entire WWx. Yes it is the Rayne but no I don't feel it. All I feel in the power of the Dark Abyss.

[Darkness continues through the cemetery as the camera fades to black.]

Eight hours Later.....

[The camera comes to life inside a hotel room inside the Fairmont Palliser. Darkness sits alone until one of the masked men opens the door and comes inside.]

Masked Man: I have some news.

Darkness: I thought I said I didn't want to be disturbed.

Masked Man: I'm sorry but rumors are spreading that you are the one that will be fired on Ravage by the General Manager. From what I'm hearing he did not like your actions of having us throw Tanno off the stage.

[Darkness slams his fist down on the table in front of him causing it to break in half.]

Darkness: How many times do I have to tell that it doesn't matter what happens or what they want to do. The WWx will be consumed by the Dark Abyss whether I'm employed with them or not. Now leave!

Masked Man: Yes.

[The camera fades to black as the masked man leaves the room and shuts the door.]

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