Dark Waters

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Thu, May18, 2017 8:54pm America/Phoenix
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Dark Waters
(The scene comes to life as waves crash against the hull of the boat. The double 90 engines shred through the water at full throttle. The bow rider Yamaha holds a couple of girls in bikinis and standing behind the wheel is none other than the legendary Tommy Lipton. A couple of girls sit in the seats near him. Tommy shouts "Hold On!" And he slams the boat into a huge wave actually catching some decent air and once the boat lands back in the water, the water splashes everyone in the boat. 
Tommy slows the boat and takes a seat.)

Tommy Lipton: okay ladies, here ya go... as promised... the heart of the sea.... look in the water... 

(They look over the ledge and almost crap themselves as they gasp and fall back.)

Girl #1: Are you insane!!??

(The camera peaks over the side of the boat. Dark figures are seen under the surface... suddenly a dark fin with a white tip breaks the surface.) 

Tommy Lipton: It's the heart of the sea, just as promised. This is the one place that no human dares to take a dip. Beneath us ladies are the most dangerous sharks one would ever want to cross. 
Have you ever seen jaws? Ever heard of the USS Indianapolis? White tips will cone in packs and when you lose your energy to fight... Well.... SNAP!

(The girls shreek and Tommy laughs)

Tommy Lipton: It's all good ladies... you are quite safe here in the boat... speaking of dangerous waters though.... Polaris and Black are entering those types of waters when Mayhem arrives... Rex and I do not need to win the match... we just need to retain. Count outs, DQs  etc will still see us leave as the Tag Team Champions. All we have to do is circle the ring. Strike and move... Strike and move.. buy time and once our opponents tire from trying to attack us .... SNAP! We strike with the full force of the McAllister- Lipton tandem! 

(Tommy grabs his phone and looks at it then places it back down) 

Tommy Lipton: Earlier it was brought to my attention that our opponents have yet to really say anything of real value... however my partner, the other half of the tag champs in fact has spoken many words with much value... 

Tommy Lipton: he has made it clear that we lay down for no one  ...  he has made it clear that we are a destructive team... 

Tommy looks over the edge of the boat.

Tommy Lipton: Mysterious... Dark...  that's what the sea is... darkness in a true form unlike Tom Black who thinks he's some dark power, a machine ready to end our title reign... The water makes me uneasy, Tom Black makes me... well not. So yell, talk normally, whatever floats your boat... this boat floats holding something you do not have... talent and good looks. Of course when I say good looks I am talking about these lovely ladies. My face is no longer the pretty face it was when I first joined the biz... do you want to know why Tom? Because well you may think you are some destructive force... I have faced off against some of the best this world has to offer. I went off the top of cages, my face dragged through barbed wires and heck I even been shot by good ol' Sped... you a destructive force? A machine? Maybe in the ... What did you call it? WWZ? You had a shot to plunge it into darkness but this is the WWX and I am Mr. WWX... it is okay Tom... soon you will learn. Soon you will learn that ripping gold from Tommy Lipton is going to take more than the baddest hardest darkest machine out there and that the true fact of the matter is this... Your darkness is no match against the darkness I have in me... 

Tommy Lipton: Ladies what the hell are we doing?! Why aren't you dancing and having fun!?

Girl#2: because we are in the middle of shark infested water! 

Tommy Lipton: oh right! Yes let's just split from this spot shall we girls!

Tommy sits and turns on the engine. The girls are relieved and once the boats cranked to full throttle and the music is cranked up loud the girls are back to dancing and having fun. Suddenly the coast guard is behind them and Tommy is forced to stop. He motions for the girls to hide some of the drinks on board. The coast guard pulls up next to them... they tie up. 

CG: What were you doing back there in white tip hole. 

Tommy Lipton: We wanted to just take a look but as you can see we are leaving now. 

CG: Okay... there's been some accidents out here and we saw your... wait... are you Tommy Lipton?

Tommy grins ear to ear

Tommy Lipton: I sure am!

CG: I'm a huge fan of Rex McAllister!

Tommy Lipton: Sure you can have my autograph... wait Huh?

CG: I'm sorry, I'm a fan of yours too but Rex is so cool! I only seen a few matches of yours back in the day with my dad and some of your newer ones. My dad is who got me into it but by the time I started really watching you were pretty much ending your career. That said I'd love an autograph for my dad! 

Tommy Lipton: No that's cool, so your still watching then? 

CG: Yes, it's so cool Rex has a guy like you in his corner. I've seen some of your stuff as I said, you definitely were not a guy to piss off! 

Tommy Lipton: heh still not a guy to piss off... 

CG: I mean back when, you were the guy! Now you seem more about helping out the new generation and that's really cool...

Tommy Lipton: Oh Yeah, I see but I too have one or two big moves left in me... And i am the current tag champ! Don't count me out just yet!

CG: I think it's awesome you've taken Rex under your wing and you two as tag champions are awesome. I talked to pops the other day he's so thrilled to be able to watch you do your craft again. 
He's a bit worried though that you and Rex may split up soon...

Tommy Lipton: why is that?

CG: History shows you cannot be trusted... and he thinks you are probably wrapping it up soon. Says you use to drive to be at the top and he doesn't think the top matters to you anymore. Now that you are a legend and proved all that you need to prove. His words... not mine...

Tommy Lipton: Firstly, history is the past and my dear we are in the present. You can assure your dad that this week on Mayhem, the McAllister- Lipton tandem will be successful and we will still be his, yours, and the WWX universe's Tag Team Champions!
You can also inform him that Tommy Lipton has a few things left to do, a few cans of whoop ass to still open!

CG: It was so cool running into you. Good luck this week and be safe out here! 

Tommy nods to the woman and he fires up the engines. 
He smiles as he looks ahead and speeds off! 


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