Darkness - The True Meaning

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On Fri, Jun09, 2017 4:01pm America/Phoenix
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Darkness - The True Meaning
[The camera comes to life outside a small little town just on the outskirts of New Orleans. It is mid-afternoon and sunny day. The camera focuses in on Darkness walking into a small house. The camera follows suit and goes into the house. The camera pans around the room and finds that the house is actually a voodoo shop.]

Darkness: Kurtis, you my friend have joined hundreds of others who think my attitude, my persona is based off of night and day, light and dark, or even the lack of knowledge. You are one of many that think this so be discouraged to know that you are in total darkness about who I really am.

[Darkness stands in front of a shelf full of potions. Darkness pulls one off the shelf and reads it and proceeded to put it back on the shelf.]

Darkness: You all are in total darkness. My wickedness and evilness is based off nothing that has to do with the light, or the sun. My darkness starts way before the I ever made it to the WWx. Long before you set foot in the WWx Kurtis and long before our first meeting. Yes you one that day Kurtis and I will admit you were the better wrestler on that day. Outrage is a different match and a different day.

[Darkness takes a couple steps to a bookshelf and begins looking at the books. Darkness notices one in particular and pulls it from the shelf.]

Darkness: "Dark Magic"

[Darkness chuckles a little bit as he slides the book back in its spot on the shelf.]

Darkness: You see Kurtis I find that book a little intriguing and slightly funny at the same time. You see Kurtis I have dabbled in the Dark Magic a little. I trained with the legend Lost Soul a few years back and what I learned from him can't be learned from some book inside a voodoo shop.

[Darkness pulls another book from the bookshelf entitled "Vampires - Prince of Darkness". Darkness shakes his head and slides the book back in its place.]

Darkness: Prince of Darkness... I can rest assure you Kurtis that I am no vampire. My darkness will not be killed using candlelight, sunlight, or even a flashlight. So come Outrage bring all the light you can find, it will not help you. It will however give you a spotlight to shine down on you when you get yourself pinned to the mat. 

[Darkness notices something laying on the table across the room. Darkness walks over and inspects what it is. It is a pamphlet titled "Bringing Back the Dead". Darkness begins flipping through the pamphlet.]

Darkness: If this could only be done Kurtis. You might then stand a chance at Outrage as it would take away my wickedness and my darkness. It would give me back what was taken away from me by the man I have yet to identify. It would give me back my life and it is the only thing that can kill this darkness. So bring what you may to that ring Kurtis. Unless you can raise the dead like in this pamphlet you don't stand a chance.

[Darkness slides the pamphlet into his pocket. Just then a voodoo priest walks out of the backroom.]

Priest: Bonjour Mr. Darkness. Es-tu prÍt?

[Darkness turns and follows the priest into the backroom as the camera fades.]

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