Darkness consumed

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Tue, May16, 2017 7:36pm America/Phoenix
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Darkness consumed
[The camera opens up showing the WWX Breaking News Logo. The camera pans in as Chris Sanders can be seen behind the desk. He begins speaking].

Sanders: hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the WWX Ravage Pre Show. We wanted to update everyone that we have located our missing camera man Dustin Miner. Miner was found on the side of a nearby road from the church where the prior tape was filmed. Mr. Miner appeared to have minor scrapes and bruises but maintains that he was not hurt by Rayne...who has now been referring to himself not only as the Silent Assassin but also as the Arch Angel. Rayne appears to be still missing at the current time, however has promised that he will be at Ravage when the time comes to move one step closer in his journey to the cup. Along with Miner, another video was released with him showing the current mental state of Rayne, which as of right now appears questionable. This video once again may be disturbing to some viewers and discretion is advised. 

[The camera opens up in a night setting in what appears to be a wooded area. The camera is set up as it shows the camera man, Miner, bound by the legs to a chair. In his hand, he holds a piece of paper that he looks to the camera, and begins speaking shakily].

Miner: For those of you that have missed it this last time, you witnessed one of..the...*turns his head* Do I really have to do this?!

[Nothing is heard for a moment as shortly after you hear "Speak"].

Miner: *Sigh* You...missed...the rebirth...of the arch angel. You missed the second coming of the man that is truly the real fallen angel, and has come to resurrect what it means to be the king of darkness. This week on Ravage, the King of Darkness will be crowned as two of WWX dark personalities, two of their dark princes collide, with only one being crowned the king. However, the contest appears to be clear as the King has already spoken, and the mere prince has remained quiet. Stand fast, stand strong, and be ready to embrace the man that is going to be the winner of the cup...the Arch Angel...The Silent Assassin...Rayne!

[The camera focuses as nothing is heard for a moment. Crackling from the wood can be heard as the hooded figure returns once more. Rayne reaches over pulling the hood back from his head as he stares deep into the camera. Nothing can be heard as he stares deeply and then begins speaking].

Rayne: And no marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. I was once that angel. I was once the man that people would turn to in order to put their faith in. I was the man that they would stand and cheer for, the one that they all wanted to see succeed. I sat in darkness for over three years, awaiting my chance to come back and make it. Awaiting for someone...ANYONE...to reach out and save me. But tell me, who did that? WHO DID THAT?! Not a one. Not a single person was trying to help me out. Which is fine. That is when I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to turn into what I was supposed to be. I wanted to show the world the true side of me, the side that I hid from all of you for so long. I want you all to see what I am capable of. This man *points at Miner* is nothing more than a peon in a much larger plot. This man...will speak to the ages of the coming of the arch angel...THE COMING OF THE SILENT ASSASSIN!

[Rayne reaches down and pulls a knife from the black hooded robe. He reaches down and cuts the rope as Miner immediately jumps off and takes off running. Rayne smiles as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Within the hour, that man will fall down from a low grade sedative given to him. All the equipment that he brought will be with him as well. You know where to find him when you look hard enough. I have no more time to waste awaiting the speaking of the man known as Darkness, for he appears to have gone into hiding. Youre very ignorant in thinking that I wont be coming at you with all that I have. To show you the lengths that I will go, I want you to know that I no longer will feel the pain that you will inflict. I will no longer worry for pain nor blood are of any use to me. Be ready Darkness, for once I am crowned the King of Darkness, I will then move to being the king of WWX. Its the Rayne...do you feel it?!

[Rayne slowly walks out into the woods as the scene fades to black].

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