Darkness Maybe Everywhere...

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Mon, Apr23, 2018 8:13pm America/Phoenix
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Darkness Maybe Everywhere...
The time is drawing near. Darkness vs. "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon square off in a career vs. title shot match at Armada. Most fans have wondered how Xavier was preparing for such a high profile match. Xavier has spent most of his time secluded with his workouts. The cameraman spots the Machine walking the streets in Canada in a "Machine Overdrive 2.0" tank top and matching shorts.

XAVIER: Darkness mentioned "There's darkness everywhere" as if he went under the assumption that I'm trying to get rid of the natural darkness in the world. Darkness, get real. You are NOT going to have me believe that you're everywhere. The darkness of the skies are there. The night time is everywhere. YOU Darkness, are not everywhere. You are in the WWX, but after Armada, you won't be. I will personally see to that. You see Darkness, I know you think you have something to prove the reason you feel so confident as to put your career on the line against little ol' me who wants the belt that rightfully belongs to him. Since you are Darkness, allow me to be the light that lights up the WWX and rid it free from Darkness. I can care less if you and Syndicate retire the tag team titles. That match is the least of my worries. The ONLY person I will be focused on that night is ridding the WWX of you Darkness...once and for all.

Xavier turns the corner and stares at a stadium with a cold dark glare.

XAVIER: This is the arena where I will retire Darkness once and for all. Once Darkness is out my way and out of the WWX for good, I can focus back on getting back my World Title. Just remember Darkness, while darkness as a whole is everywhere, you Darkness...are NOT everywhere. You can be and WILL be beaten by my hand at Armada.

Xavier then leaves and walks about another block or two when his cell phone rings.

XAVIER: Pendragon here/

???: Hey there dad. Mom wants to know where you are

XAVIER:  About a block away from the arena where I will retire Darkness.

Jeff: We're en route to you.

scene fades

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