David and Goliath

Roleplay Roleplay by GIANT KHOKLOV
On Thu, May04, 2017 2:33pm America/Phoenix
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David and Goliath
[Gary Lane is stood backstage, a WWX Microphone laying proudly in his hand. Next to him stands the Mouth of Motherland himself, Vladimir Abakumov. He stands there in his Russian tiered suit, a grin upon his ever so hateful face.]

Gary Lane: Hello and welcome to this WWX.com exclusive. I am joined here today with none other than the manager of the Russian Giant, Vladimir Abakumov. 

[Vladimir nods as though he is not interested one bit, staring off in the distance. Devoid of all emotion.]

Gary Lane: Abakumov, your client faces Cameron Westport a former WWX Television champion this Sunday at Mayhem, how is he preparing ahead of the bout and what can we expect to see?

[Vladimir now looks towards Lane, he smirks.]

Vladimir Abakumov: Well you see Lane, my client currently isnít here with me at this moment because he is busy training. Training and practicing ahead of his match with Westport this Sunday and I can promise you this, Westport better be wearing brown pants because heíll need them when he steps toe to toe with The Russian Monster.

[Gary Lane nods, listening to every word being spat from Abakumovís mouth.]

Vladimir Abakumov: As for what we can expect, well you can expect a decisive victory as Giant Khoklovís hand is raised over the fallen Westport. This shall be NO David and Goliath story, for this time Goliath comes back and crushes puny Davidís body into the middle of next Tuesday. Proceeding to then pick him up once more and smash his face into the mountains until he once again lifts him high in the sky and drops him into oblivion, before finally snapping his neck with the ever so devastating Moscow Piledriver and leaving him broken and bloody IN HIS OWN PISS AND SWEAT!!

[Gary Lane looks on in horror as Vladimir Abakumov's face fills with red hot anger, Lane begins to wipe the sweat that splattered him from his face when all of a sudden Abakumov gives him a death defying stair.]

Gary Lane: Well that's some very, very strong words from the Mouth of Motherland. Thank you for your ti-

[Vladimir Abakumov grabs the microphone out of Lane's hand and Lane walks off in freight, But not of Abakumov. Of what his client may do to him if he fights for it back.]

Vladimir Abakumov: I'm not done... You stupid American, Westport, you will be crushed. Your heart and soul will be demoralized as you lay beaten and battered at the hands of the Russian Monster! He will celebrate, celebrate in vain as he takes one more massive leap towards the gold that belongs to the Motherland. Westport...

[He smirks at the camera.]

Vladimir Abukamov: You are David... My client is Goliath... Come Sunday... The story is rewritten... This time Goliath wins!

[Cut as the camera fades to darkness.]

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