Dealing With A 2 Year Old And A Mental Patient

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Fri, Jun16, 2017 7:15pm America/Phoenix
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Dealing With A 2 Year Old And A Mental Patient
*Hex Girl is working out in the gym when Leon Jones comes in with the camera. She finished a set of reps on the butterfly machine and takes a break to talk with Leon.*

LJ: Hex Girl, I see we caught you while you're working out. Do we need to come back later?

HG: No, it's fine Leon. What can I do for you?

LJ: Well you have a match coming up Sunday on Mayhem.

HG: Yeah the triple-threat with Dr. Death and Mr. Terry. What about it?

*Takes a drink from her water bottle.*

LJ: In the last 24 hours both men have spoken rather dismissively of you. I'm not sure if you've heard their comments or not but we'd like to get your impressions of your opponents.

HG: Oh I've heard 'em. One calling me delusional and a 'pacifist's wet dream'; the other can't even get my name right and for some reason has mistaken me for some Anne Rice worshiping goth. Or is it Stephanie Meyers who is the favored author with that crowd these days? 

LJ: I really couldn't tell you Hex Girl.

HG: Doesn't matter Anne is the better author anyway. Hey, Leon does the WWX still drug test before events?

LJ: I think so. Why?

HG: Because we need to get a test on Dr. Death like ASAP. Not to get him disqualified just to find out what he's on to hallucinate me being in any way pacifistic. This man has obviously never seen one of my extreme rules matches and wasn't really paying attention to my match with Steen at Outrage. I mean did any of what I did in that ring catch you as particularly peaceful and non-violent? 

LJ: *Stammers a bit* Um,um,um. No I don't think anyone would be able to associate that match with anything peaceful. What about your feelings on Mr. Terry?

HG: The spoiled two year old? He can be summed up with a line from the show Game of Thrones. 'A man who has to say I am the king is most certainly not the king.' And he thinks turning into a gym rat for a day or so is going to give him a chance in the ring. He wants natural gains. He's apparently unaware that natural gains take months to show not hours or days.

LJ: So what do you see has happening at Mayhem?

HG: Well it's probably going to be a cluster|BLEEP| from start to finish. What some would see as the predictable path would be for Dr. Death and I to knockout or toss Mr. Terry from the ring and then we light into each other. But trying to predict people is not that easy. None of us have a reason to work together on any level. I'm going to go in there with the strict intention of giving them both as much hell as I can. 

LJ: Aren't you concerned they may make a concerted effort to defeat you?

HG: They can try, it doesn't mean I'm gonna make it easy for 'em. I've said it before and I'll say it again Leon. Where I'm from we have a saying.... I didn't start the fight, I may not win the fight, but you're sure as hell you're gonna know you were in a fight. I'm going into this match situation-ally aware and looking to win. Now you can go and tell that Limey P|BLEEP|Ass-cifist that he can go smoke his mushrooms and dream because I'm going to be the one winning at Mayhem. Fiat voluntas Mea.

*Hex Girl returns to doing her reps on the machine as Leon and the camera leave.*

[Cut to Hex Girl's logo, then fade to WWX, and into black]

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