Death To The Blade Club...

Roleplay Roleplay by DR. DEATH
On Sat, Jun24, 2017 4:00am America/Phoenix
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Death To The Blade Club...
[Dr. Death is seen standing alongside Tom Black and Bishop Polaris, a black backdrop placed behind them. Instead of his signature white suit with a red tie he now wears a black one void of all light, however still with blood splattered upon it. He smiles sickeningly, Black and Polaris looking menacingly towards the camera.]

Dr. Death:
"Well... Well... Just when the Blade Club thought they had Pure Darkness outnumbered, a new hope came along and kicked them in their balls... Blayde Archer thought him and his goons had Mr. Black and Mr. Polaris done for... When out of nowhere Death struck... Now it remains, as a new member of the purification of darkness... But you all wonder... "why?"... Well there's only one reason why... The Blade Club need my help... They need me to stomp them back into f*coming reality!"

[Polaris is a shook by the profanity of Death, however he lets it slide. Pure Darkness need The Organ Stealer right now and any discontent he has for him he's got to leave it in the past. He steps forward ready to make a statement.]

Bishop Polaris:
"Oh yes. That sure is right. On Ravage phase one of our retribution began and next week it'll continue. Blade Club beware, you will become purified by Pure Darkness. It's time to save you sinners..."

[Tom Black now steps forward to join his partners, he twitches as he glares down the camera. He runs his hand down his face, touching his white mask.]

"Anger... That's all I feel for you... Although it's ok... I managed to beat your powerhouse with a... One... Two... Three... What's to say I can't beat you other losers?  Darkness will cover you as we knock you out one by one... Pure Darkness has no leader, neither of us have a man to hide behind... We just fight until we can fight no more... You better be scared... It's time to finally put an end to you three..."

[Dr. Death laughs statistically.]

"Death to Blade Club..."

[The screen fades to black as the three men stare down the camera. Death still laughing. Polaris raising his arms to the air. Black twitching... This is the NEW Pure Darkness... ]

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