Definition Of Darkness

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Definition Of Darkness
{The camera comes to life inside Darkness' estate. Darkness is walking the halls and using his time wisely thinking about his upcoming Crusade Cup match with Bob Mellon. Darkness is dressed casually in a pair slacks and a white t-shirt.}

Darkness: Bob Mellon, a legend in his own right and right now WWX International champion. We will meet in the first round of the Crusade Cup. Now we all know why Ranger set up this first round match besides the fact that he is trying to boost the ratings of Ravage. We all know you don't want me any where near the Undisputed championship. So what better way than to put me up against the one person you thought could knock me out of the Crusade Cup. Nice plan Ranger but it isn't going to work this time. Although the ratings will receive a boost, not because of Gunnar Granderson, but because you have two legends fighting it out in the ring.

{Darkness enters his study. Books line the shelves but that isn't what catches the camera's eye. No, the camera quickly focuses in on the numerous championships hanging on the far wall. The Undisputed championship, WWX championship, International championship, and the North American championship to name a few.}

Darkness: Mellon, that was a cute story you told about living in the darkness. A story that has no merits or knowledge of what it is like to live in total darkness. The fact that everybody thinks that darkness always has to do with the light and dark is laughable at most. Why is this Mellon? Shall we look in the dictionary.

{Darkness makes his way over to one of the shelves. He runs his fingers down a number of books until he stops on one.}

Darkness: Ah, here it is Mellon, the good ole Webster dictionary. Now lets see here.

{Darkness begins to flip through the pages.}

Darkness: There, now lets see what the dictionary has to say about darkness. First definition... the state or quality of being dark. That is a good one but not the one I'm looking for. Second definition... absence or deficiency of light. There's the one. This is the one everybody reaches for when they want to describe me. Once again I ask why Mellon? Is it because I sit in the dark or maybe its because I appear out of nowhere when the lights go out. No that can't be it. No body can be that stupid. I've explained this over and over again but hell I will give it one more shot.

{Darkness continues reading the definitions.}

Darkness: Definition three... wickedness or evil. Now we are getting some where but lets look at one more. Definition four... obscurity or concealment. Now Bob listen carefully although I know this will not be the last time I explain this. Throughout my childhood bad things happened to me. Things I kept inside and concealed. Things nobody knows about. This is what my darkness truly is. But Bob keep telling your stories as they are definitely interesting. Laughable but interesting. Also remember one thing Bob, the grass isn't always greener on the other side and after Ravage you will be one step closer to seeing why I will be a two time Crusade Cup champion.

{Darkness closes the dictionary and places it back on the shelf. As he does Frank enters the room.}

Frank: Sir, the court just called.

Darkness: What did they want?

Frank: They said they have your community service set up for you in San Diego. The only problem is you have to be there by tomorrow.

Darkness: Well ain't that just dandy. Well Bob it looks like I got to cut the lesson in darkness a little short. Just keep one thing in mind... when you walk through the darkness, you will not come out the same as when you walked in.

{Darkness walks out of the study as the camera fades to black.}

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