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On Fri, Jun16, 2017 11:57am America/Phoenix
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[As the screen awakens and the darkness dissolves, Dr. Death is seen stalking through a field of lush green grass. His hands reach out to the side as they gently stroke the tips, gently blowing in the England air.]

"Delusions... It makes me question... How can such people be so delusional in a world where the harsh reality is, you have to fight to survive and if you don't then you are done for? A man who thinks that he owns the company because a man with higher power states so. A women who believes that she can make the world a better place just because she's female and... "Gender equality!" Now don't get me wrong. Equality for gender is something that is good for this world, females deserve to be treated the same as man. But when you abuse your "gender equality" so much that your character is nothing more than a protest, how far can you really make it in a company where you have to become a revolution?"

[He stops his stroll and places his hand into his trench coat pocket, pulling out a box of cigarettes and a lighter to go along with it. Then, as though free as the morning breeze around him. He lights his cigarette and takes a puff, inhaling the smoke and nicotine within.]

"There's such a fine line between a protest and a revolution. For starters, protests are normally peaceful acts of uprising. Never done with guns, weapons or war. Whereas a revolution, like myself. Is more of the non-pacifist uprising ways. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the top and make my statement rise above all. Yet you are nothing more than a pacifist's wet dream. That's where your delusion comes from Hex Girl, you think you are a fighting machine when in reality you are nothing more than a peaceful statement."

[Death inhalers another puff of his cigar, once more inhaling the smoke that shall inevitably consume his lungs to nothing more than black.]

"Mr. Terry... What else can I really say? You are the most delusional one out of everyone on this roster, you believe you own the WWX because a moldy orange told you so? Now if that's not crazy, I don't know what is. So when a protesting female and a delusional old man face the Doctor Of Death, only one thing's inevitable... You'll both be stomped to hell when I smash your f*cking skulls in! And that... sure ain't a delusion..."

[Dr. Death laughs sadistically as the camera fades to darkness.]

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