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On Thu, Mar15, 2018 9:55pm America/Phoenix
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(The scene opens to show a view of a city at night. The interplay between the distant street lights and lights reflected in windows creates a sort of life in the buildings themselves, independent of the people that inhabit them. Cars can bee seen in the distance, obvious because of their head- or taillights, bustling about like the people inhabiting them might.

The camera pans to reveal Kurtis Ray standing on a balcony, dressed in either workout or bed clothes, consisting of a pair of sweatpants and an old WWX T-shirt that has clearly seen better days. He has a cigarette in one hand, and a can of Budweiser resting on the balcony rail. The former champion is looking out over the city with a serene look on his face.)

KURTIS: Pretty, isn't it? Spokane is a city I've always been pretty fond of. Of course this isn't the hotel room the company wanted to spring for, I paid for this one myself. Completely worth it for the view. There's no better place to see the city. And what a city to see, man.

(Kurtis takes a drag off the cigarette, holding it for a moment before exhaling.)

KURTIS: Truth be told, I'm out here right now because Ravage has me all out of sorts. Usually with a big match on the horizon, I'd be sleeping early so I can get in an early morning work out and a couple of practice matches in before the show. For some reason, right now I just can't sleep. I reckon it's because I have an attempt to finally do something that has so far eluded me.

(Kurtis closes his eyes, leaning his head forward and rolling his neck. He takes up the beer next, taking a long drink.)

KURTIS: It's only the first round, but I'm in a match that is going to determine the next international champion. Not only that, this is a match that gives me an opportunity to do something that has eluded me for the past year. It gives me a chance to beat Darkness, one on one, in a ring in front of thousands of fans. it gives me a chance to redeem failures that I have allowed to define me. And maybe it gives me and Darkness a chance to move past this stupid rivalry built around a title neither of us have.

(Kurtis takes another pull off the cigarette, exhaling and then taking another before flicking the smoldering remnant off into the darkness.)

KURTIS: I said it before, I'll say it again. The match you're going to see on Ravage is gonna be a hell of a match to see. I think me and Darkness have a chance to overshadow the main event. Not to take anything away from the champ or from XP, but this is the culmination, for me anyway, of a year worth of frustration. It's a chance for Darkness to prove he can best me without the shadow of Syndicate clinging to him. They might be pals, and I'm done losing sleep over the Outlaw, but I believe Darkness and I owe it to the WWX Universe to give 'em a clean match where there's no question who is the better man. No friends, no weapons, no rabbits. No dirty tricks. For now this is about the tournament and, for me, it's about holding the one active title currently that I haven't held.

(Kurtis looks at the can of beer for a moment before taking another drink out of it, holding it in both hands and beginning to pace.)

KURTIS: This doesn't mean I've given up on the world title. Quite the contrary, there is a stop on the Hype Line where the Hype Train picks up the belt and holds onto it for a while. This is a detour that might lead to a stop I didn't expect. This is a chance to be part of rebuilding a division like i did a little while ago with the TV title. Most of all, though, this is about the grand slam. That's what I'm in this for. I might have been irritated at first that I got bumped to the international division because of Tanno. But if I play my cards right... I can get my grand slam and make sure he doesn't win the international title all in one fell swoop. And if you ask me... That's a pretty worthwhile detour.

(Kurtis drains the last of the can, whirling and tossing it into a garbage can. He stretches and yawns, taking one last look out over the city.)

KURTIS: When Ravage is in the books, I'm going to be the one moving on to round two. Whoever I face in round two is officially on notice. You better be ready, because I intend every one of my matches to be match of the night. That starts on Ravage. If you're not ready, then you're gonna be a casualty. You feel me?

(Kurtis grins at the camera, then winks.)

KURTIS: All that's left to say is, All aboard.

(Kurtis steps through the balcony window, sliding it shut behind him. The camera pas back out to the city before fading to black.)

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