Did I Dissapoint

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Wed, Nov08, 2017 10:05pm America/Phoenix
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Did I Dissapoint
"Did I disappoint Rayne." Darkness says as the camera comes to life.

Darkness sits on his bed inside the hotel room. The lamp is on and the overhead light. The TV is playing but is on mute so no sound can be heard. 

"Did I disappoint you with my promos Rayne. Wait just one second Rayne." says Darkness as he gets up off the bed.

Darkness heads to his truck and pulls down the tailgate. Darkness reaches in and pulls out a huge spotlight. Darkness proceeds to wheel it into the hotel room and plugs it in. As Darkness sits back down on the bed he flips the switch on the spotlight illuminating the room in a bright white light.

"Well would you take a look at that Rayne. More than one light and not a damn one flickering." Darkness exclaims as he points to all the lights. "I'm glad you had the nerve to come looking for me. Most people don't and for that I applaud you. Although you don't know what you are stepping into to come Wreckage."

Darkness flips the switch shutting the spotlight off and unmutes the TV just as Rayne's first promo begins to play.

{{Hall of Pain. Ah...yes. What an instance. A lot of people, a lot of superstars, had quite a bit to say about the event. For some, it was the highlight of the year. For others, myself included, it had its high and lows. You see, my night began when I got into a tag match with Xavier Pendragon and Damian Price, The Empire. Two men who have remained virtually irrelevant to this point, and decided now would be the time to try and make something of themselves. Cute. However, as luck would have it, those two men ended up being beaten by Fill and I. I am sure you were watching Darkness, just as I was waiting for you.}}

"Rayne, you want to mock me for talking about my opponents at Hall of Pain when what do you know you did the same thing." Darkness says as he pauses the TV. "I guess while you were out looking for me you forgot what you said. Then there's the matter of me talking about how I'm going to blow past you and so on and so forth back to a championship. Well lets take a look at your latest promo."

Darkness unpauses the TV.

{{I have big plans ahead and you aren't going to derail them. When this is said and done, you will join the masses that I have left in my wake on the road to the championship.}}

"Well what do you know again. You must have hand another brain lapse there Rayne. Everything you have mocked me for you have in turn done yourself. What does that show about you Rayne?" asks Darkness. "Also not once did I mock your name. Pay attention Rayne, class is in session."

Darkness gets up off the bed and walks to the door.

"Rayne, lets not kid ourselves. We are both coming into this match looking to rebound from bad performances at Hall of Pain. We are both looking to climb that mountain and once again knock Syndicate off his perch once again. We both know we are going to beat each other into the ground but the real question is who can withstand more. Come Wreckage we will find out." Darkness says.

Darkness opens the door and as he does he has to squint his eyes as the bright sunlight shines directly into his eyes.

"Wait what is that Rayne?" Darkness asks. "Is that sunlight? Na, it can't be. It's suppose to be nighttime unless we are somehow in Alaska."

The camera fades as Darkness grins a little and heads to his truck.

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