Did Things Get That Serious?

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Fri, Jul28, 2017 6:11am America/Phoenix
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Did Things Get That Serious?
[ The segment takes place in Madison Square Garden, at the top of the ramp that leads to the ring. The crowd seats are empty and the only sounds are the voices echoing from the backstage area, when suddenly Fill comes out with the International Championship belt on his shoulder. ]

Fill: Hello, and welcome to Madison Square Garden. Of all the events that have taken place here, WWX will make sure that an even better one will happen tonight. For those who still wonder what I'm talking about, there will be so many matches, so many stipulations, so many superstars performing, that management will have to do a body count after the show.

[ Fill takes a moment to laugh silently and sadistically at the thought of that. ]

Fill: I realize that the match I'll be competing in won't be in this part of the arena, however I already showed you an example of what my battleground will look like - a parking lot brawl. Yes indeed, instead of being surrounded by screaming fans, Blayde Archer and I will be surrounded by lots of parked vehicles, waiting to be smashed, broken and painted in blood. Let's just hope everyone who decided to use that parking lot have an insurance - you were warned.

Fill: I heard Blayde's latest words for me a few hours ago, guess I really irritated him, at least the only times someone has called me by me actual name were my parents and they sounded just like he did, only with a little less bloodlust in their tone. I know how you feel Blayde, you had it all and lost it in a mere moment. I've heard someone has been playing games with your heads lately, you and your club members. I have no idea who it could be, but whatever they are doing seems to be working. It could be me, it could be some tricksters who don't like you, only time will tell. But by the look of things, things weren't serious enough between you and me. We've been at each other's throats around the International title, around Rayne, around me rejecting your invitation. If I had known I would get you this upset, I would've at least offered to buy you guys some dinner, but it seems I'm too late.

[ Fill laughs a little more, until he stops and makes a more serious look. ]

Fill: Now listen, and listen closely Blayde. You've spent the last month talking trash about me, spitting at the name of my former team, stepping between the rivalry I had with Rayne, and you used the International Championship like some trophy, like an animal you've killed and skinned to wear. I don't know what your culture has thought you, and I don't know what your club members have drilled in your head, but you had one of WWX's most prized possessions. I went to a single concert with the title and you already think I'm down to your level. I know exactly where I stand, and I will do what every single champion should do when they wear this kind of gold - defend it. Defended in the ring with pride, with dignity, with honor, things that someone like you will never understand.

Fill: You call my victory over you a fluke, you really think I can't do it again? I will do exactly what I did in Boston Massachusetts, only this time I'll be even more aggressive, more ruthless, and more blood thirsty. You let even a single drop of blood out of you, and I'll be the shark swimming around you, just waiting to tear you apart. If things weren't serious before,  now they absolutely are. I hope you're prepare for the night...

[ Fill smiles sadistically and taps the International title ]

Fill: ...of champions!

[ Fade to black ]

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