Did Ya MIss Me?

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Wed, Dec27, 2017 12:41am America/Phoenix
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Did Ya MIss Me?
Xavier and Betrice are seen leaving Xavier's house, dressed in heavy-looking jackets, bundled up and braving the cold weather here in Detroit. As they get in Xavier's truck and drive off, Xavier's phone beeps.

XAVIER: Babe, will you get that?

Beatrice reaches in the console and grabs Xavier's phone. She looks at it and lets out a little chuckle.

XAVIER: What's so funny?

BEATRICE: YOu've been put into a match against Bob Mellon and he's been wanting to put the International Title on the line against you. He believes that he shouldn't hide behind non-title matches and admitted he was for underestimating you the last time you two fought.

XAVIER: So according to him, he's been looking forward to this so-called rematch for a while now eh? 

BEATRICE: It also appears that he is going into this match in a different mindset than the last time. Not by much though.

XAVIER: It makes no difference. Xavier Pendragon doesn't run from anyone. I've fought countless people many times over. Some may of had the same results while others had different results. Regardless, it is you and me in the ring once again Bob Mellon. So you wanna make our match an International title match eh? Go for it. The main thing I would be doing should I be the victor is tacking on title reign #6 to my already legendary resume, but enough about my accolades. On Ravage, it Mellon vs. Pendragon, part 2 and I've got just one question: did ya miss me?

scene fades

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