Disappointment insults and planes!

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, Nov29, 2017 8:13pm America/Phoenix
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Disappointment insults and planes!
Earlier that day...

The scene opens up...  the snow blinds the pilots vision, they can only depend on the navigational man made display which is beeping and flashing as they decend  closer to the earth below. 

"Every thing will be alright Mr. Lipton but we must insist that you take your seat and buckle up. This will be a hard landing" the Captain says with urgency and Lipton, who is dressed to impress with a suit and tie nods his head as he moves to the back of the plane to where his seat awaits him. Next to his  seat is a man dressed with a black hoody and his face glued to the IPad in his hands.

Tommy takes a seat and turns to the man wearing the dark hooded sweater. "Hard landing kid." The hoody nods and Tommy looks out the window to see only white from the heavy snow fall outside. "It is nasty out there." Tommy mumbles... 

"Not as nasty as things are about to become when you have to face Rex again." The hoody mumbles back.

"This whole fu$%ing thing is nasty.... I don't want to put Rex down,  he's suppose to be my friend, a brother. We were to save the WWX together like we did the tag..." Tommy says with annoyance.

"The Tag titles that Darkness just spat on, he's suppose to be a legend and yet he disrespects titles that have been around creating WWX history since the beginning. But a topic for another day I am just super annoyed right now." Tommy says with a evil glare toward the cameras eye. 

 "Darkness does not clearly respect the work you and Rex put forth... perhaps I could freshen his memory... he would be an awesome first target." The hood says with a excitement in his voice. 

"Let me worry about Rex McAllister first. Darkness just wants to be back on top I get that. I just cannot stand watching titles I and Rex worked so hard to make meaningful again to be stepped on and ignored like that." Tommy pats the hood.

"You'll have your time soon enough."

The scene transitions 

From the ground we see the lights of the plane breach the white as the plane becomes a bit more visable on the run way. 

The scene transitions 

Tommy is seen alone walking out of gate 5. In his left hand he is holding the handle to his carry on bag.  As he rolls it over the tile floor he is stopped by a few fans looking for autographs. Behind him the hooded figure walks past and vanishes into the crowd. Tommy entertains the fans discussing his upcoming match and the thrill of life on the road.

"It gets tiring... 300 plus days we travel on the road and it takes it's toll. But I get to see a lot of the world so that parts pretty sweet!" Tommy begins.
"It just isn't so sweet when I have to travel to confront a man I called a friend, a brother. This whole flight I have thought about everything we had gone through together in the past year and how it's all led up to this. A battle amongst Friends... It straight up sucks. And to hear him speak on me insulting him, disappointing HIM... Well that really takes the damn cake right there! I see the fans weren't buying into the shit he was spewing either on Xcess."

The scene transitions and we are live...

Tommy stands behind a black curtain... The AT&T stadium is still buzzing from Rex McAllisters statements only minutes ago. Tommy takes a drink from his water bottle. He is about to walk out and preform a segment for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching on through the WWX Network. 

"I always get a thrill walking out on these Xcess shows, giving the fans some bonus entertainment, live on the spot segment not from a plane or a bar but from a ring where those lucky enough can come watch me talk about my opponents, upcoming matches and more all while they wait for the WWX shows to come to them live. The best part is that these fans haven't the slightest clue that I am here... HAH. Gonna be fun for all of us!" Tommy grins and a man with staff sewed to his polo approaches. "We are ready to start."

The fans are not quiet as they are hollering and talking amongst each other wondering who will come out next... 

Rose: What a night so far, and wow what a bomb Rex McAllister dropped only moments ago! 

Cashmere: It's anyone's guess how or when Tommy will respond. 

Rose: I saw that he landed not long ago and who was that he was with?

Cashmere: I think it may have been that Rickman guy we saw him talk to earlier this week. Who else could it Be?

Rose: Well I hope we get some answers soon but more importantly I look forward to hearing the legends response to what Rex was saying out here tonight... 

*In The End* by Linkin Park hits the speakers 

Cashmere: NO WAY!? IS HE HERE????

Rose: Well I said he's in town and must have come straight here from the airport! 

Tommy on point walks out and is greeted with cheers from the crowd. 

BONN: Please welcome the Legendary Hall of Famer ... Former IWA and WWX Champion ... Former Tag Team Champion... The current US South Regional Boxing Champion... The One The Only.... MR. WWX! TOOOOMMYYYYY LIIIIIPTON!!!!!


Rose: The fans really backing Tommy here tonight! 

Tommy jogs down the ramp and slaps the hands of his fans as he makes his way quickly to the ring. He slides into the ring climbs the turnbuckle as he raises an arm. 


Filled with smiles he holds the pose for a few seconds and then hops off and his smile fades as he demands now a microphone. His music cuts*

Tommy: DISAPPOINTED??? .... Let me talk to you Rex about disappointment... But first!!!

Tommy pauses he spins around soaking in the moment

Tommy: It's great to be here, RIGHT HERE in Saaaaan Antoniiiiiiooooo!!! 


Tommy: It has been awhile since I graced my fans live here on XCESS! Are you excited my Lipton-O-holics? I sure the hell am! 


Tommy: We have had our ups and downs over the years, from being loved by you all to being hated.... It's true, I was a mastermind, I could manipulate any situation in order to favor myself. But disappointment has never been something I can recall being accused for... 

He presses the Mic to his lips and the sound of heavy breathing is heard through his next few words...

Tommy: So Rex McAllister...


Tommy pulls the Mic away a bit now. 

Tommy: I know you are probably still back there watching on... How about we begin this series second match... RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!


Tommy circles and then paces back and forth in the ring for a moment.... No Disturbed music hits..  No Rex McAllister...


Tommy: Hey now let's keep this family friendly guys... Rex I'll see you in a couple days and believe me I won't be coming to disappoint. But since we are on the topic, let's discuss disappointment... How about the fact that you disappointed me when you let Syndicate defeat you at Hall of Pain! Instead of letting me defeat him you kicked me out a damn window only to remove me from the game! Then I lay there and I hear DONG..... DONG.... DONG.... DONG.... DONG.... The sound of pure disappointment... The sound of the McAllister-Lipton Tandem facing complete defeat... 

Tommy squats down grabbing his hair and hops up viciously. 


Tommy shakes his head. 

Tommy: You are the only real disappointment between the two of us. It should have been you and I facing off for the title, one of us should be standing here as champ but HAH you had to go eliminate me early and let's face facts... Right, since you talked about bringing up facts, the fact is I was the biggest threat and you thought you could handle Syndicate but what you failed to tell all these fine Lipton-O-Holics was the true fact, you didn't think you could handle me and so instead of making sure it was one of us you thought you'd better get rid of me asap rather than face me on the final floor... Like A Man! You Rex disappointed me and let's face FACTS you disappointed them! 

Tommy points to the crowd. 

Tommy: Texas!!! Are you not dissapointed? 


Tommy: And as for insults... You insulted all these fans by walking out here and spewing boring ass shit about disappointment and insults... that's not what they paid to see. I am now having to come out here and give these fans their money's worth! 


Cashmere: Tommy Lipton is on fire!

Rose: He sure isn't holding anything back.

Tommy: Now Rex, you can go ahead and talk about how you could have picked any legend to work with.... But let's be realistic HERE, not really buddy. What we did was in fact special and I've been here much MUCH longer than you.... It's a rarity what we had. Magic like that doesn't just happen with anyone, we connected and it showed week in and week out. So do not go lying to these people and talk about how you chose me and act like you did me a favor at the time. 

Tommy scratches his chin... 

Tommy: Story time? Should we have a little story time right now in the AT&T?


Tommy: I didn't hear you! Should we have story time right here in Saaaaan Antoniooooo!!????


Tommy smiles and claps his leg.

Tommy: Okay let's do it! ... So a long time ago there was this guy named Rex McAllister who thought he was Rexcellent! 


Tommy: Hah, I know Right!! Then we had a man named Tommy Freakin Lipton!


Tommy: I love you San Antonio! 


Tommy: Damn, I think we just had a moment San Antoniiiioooooo!


Tommy: So Rex McAllister, this guy was just coming off a huge loss, having lost the WWX Championship he didn't know what to do next... AND then we had Tommy Lipton, he just beat Corporal Sanders and reclaimed his spot in the WWX Hall Of Fame!


Tommy: Thanks guys! So then James Ranger contacted Tommy Lipton who exactly as Rex McAllister described it, was ready to ride off into the sunlight. HOWEVER! James Ranger had contacted Tommy Lipton and had said that this guy, Rex McAllister...


Tommy grins along with the fans reaction.

Tommy: That Rex really really wanted to team with Tommy and after Rex had faced defeat it would be great for the two men to team up and see where things could go. Tommy was very hesitant at first, obviously, here Tommy was, a legend, a multiple champion, he just got back his Hall of Fame status and he had nothing else to prove! Also having the Corporal wanting to team with him as well gave him suddenly some options should he hang around. I guess for a man who could ride off silently as Rex pointed out here earlier, was creating quite the noise in the locker rooms. Tommy decided to hear Rex out and Rex talked about how the two could help save the tag division and create history together. And well the rest is just that, history.

Tommy shakes his head... he raises the Mic back up to his lips. 

Tommy: Rex, the truth of the matter is I chose you! I was the one at the top, earning the Hall of Fame IS the most prestiges accomplishment you can have here in the WWX. You, you were a former champ coming off a loss. You may have given me a reason to hang around, sure, we had a great run and shared some awesome moments and created history. But I also gave you purpose and a chance to reclaim glory, to be working beside me, a man who had a damn ERA named after him. Man stop drinking that special koolaid thinking you were doing me this grand honor... In fact, it was me giving you the honor if anything! 


Rose: Tommy is getting pretty heavy here tonight Cashmere.... 

Cashmere: He is making extremely valid points Rose. That's undeniable. 

Tommy leans against the corner buckle and shakes his head... 

Tommy: The truth Rex, the truth is by teaming I think we both were probably doing a favor to the other! I will not lie, I have held the WWX Championship numerous times, I have been a part of stables and tag teams, I ran as GM and even had a whole Era named after me.. Yet, I had probably my most favorite time here in the WWX while you and I were teaming. That says something to me. So I thank you for that partnership. 

Tommy stands silent for a brief second and then moves back to the center of the ring.

Tommy: But it is clear those days are now behind us... Rex, you discuss how you have taken out Legends, that I shall be no different... My first ever WWX win and International championship was over defeating a legend, Jeremiah OReilly the man who trained you if I am not mistaken.  My second huge win months later was defeating another legend, Rex Dreamie for the WWX Championship! Budd, I too have taken down Legends. Now I am a Legend! So those tough words you try to throw my way just vanish into thin air, much like your name will when you eventually leave the WWX! 

Rose: That was a bit harsh...

Tommy: I retract that. Your name will always mean something...

Cashmere: there you go Rose.

Tommy: Your name will always mean something because you teamed a year with me. And with me you were a somebody!  

Rose: Hmmm.

Cashmere: Well then.

Tommy:  And you have mentioned a couple times including tonight that you were being generous with me? ... It is I who has been generous to you buddy. I started this week off not knowing what to say. Not wanting to stand out here and put you down. Hesitant to fight you in our first meeting together...  But you gave an ultimatum. Either I fight or you will be merciless when it comes to facing me. Only an enemy acts in absolutes and I shall do what I must.
You are an unwelcomed burden unlike your chosen enterance theme.. and on Ravage I will be rewarded my second victory over you, whereas... You will finally realize that you aren't so Rexcellent after all. 

Tommy moves to the edge of the ring and grabs the top rope and looks toward the stage.... his face forms a sinister smirk... he slowly raises the Mic to his lips... He grins... He presses the mic to his lips and in a whisper he says the following... 

Tommy: Rex McAllister... I Am Coming! 

Tommy drops the Mic... *In The End* plays through the speakers as the fans emerge from their seats with a thunderous applause. Tommy drops down and rolls out of the ring... he heads backstage. Once backstage he is face to face with the hooded man. The man lowers his hood and we see it is Blade Rickman. 

"And that's how it's done." Tommy says with confidence. 


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