Do or do not there is no Try

Roleplay Roleplay by KAILEE
On Sat, Jan06, 2018 7:19am America/Phoenix
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Do or do not there is no Try
[The scene opens in a Locker-room door just before Holiday hell. The camera man knocks on the door and waits a few moments for someone on the other side to yell come in. Kailee is pulling up her hair still dressed in street clothes.]

Kailee: Hi guys I suppose your want to hear my thoughts about the match tonight. 

The cameraman nods and Kailee puts her finger to her lips for a moment before she looks up.

Kailee: itís myself, Jarvis Valentine, Damian Price, Titus Tilon, Dr. Death, West Virginia Mountaineer and David Monataya and the winner become number 1 contender for the Television championship. Now I donít know much about these fellas but you know what it really does not matter because All I can see is a lot of bodies on the canvas. 

She pauses to take a sip of water from the bottle and to gather her thoughts.

Kailee: Now I am not stupid enough to think this will be easy, not by any small measure but you know what Iím going to win because do or do not there is no try. These men wonít go easy because Iím a lady and Iím ok with that. That been said Iím going to prove the naysayers that I belong in that ring.

She walked to door and smiles, Iím going to walk around see you later.

[Kailee blows a kiss at the camera before walking out the door. The WWX logo appears as it goes dark.]

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