Do you have the time..

Roleplay Roleplay by EZRA ZION
On Mon, Jun19, 2017 11:44am America/Phoenix
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Do you have the time..
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-Thescene opens up on a close up of a black and white lettered T-shirt that reads "The Blade Club." The camera slowly pans up to the stoic face of Ezra Zion. The Hebrew Hitman glares at the camera for a moment. His breathing is light but his glare is strong. The camera pulls back, bringing the huge Blade Club logo banner hanging on the background wall into view. A manila folder with the name tag "Glazebrook"is lifted up for our viewers to seeand a smirk appears on the face of Ezra Zion who reads the contents of his opponents background, looking for any advantage.-

The smartest way to get ahead in life boys and girls, is by doing your homework. See, I dug up a little dirt on Matt Glazebrook but all there really is, are the basics. A Six foot, seven former football standout. Three hundred and three pounds of munchies fueled fury. Born in nineteen eighty six, so that makes you what, thirty one? Looks like Glazebrook is in the prime of his life and wrestling career. Says here that your hometown is Little Rock Arkansas yet you decided to take a football scholarship at Virginia Tech of all places with your longtime friend, your roommate, your partner in crime, your fellow flunkie college drop out. The man who helped train you when you decided to use your Memphis connections to get into the wrestling business and look at the names you two have made for yourselves. Impressive. The team of 420 have been tag team champions in five different promotions and represented everywhere they have wrestled while having one of the biggest cult following in Wrestling. True, stoners are considered a niche audience but none the less, their fan base is huge and brings in tons of money, almost as much as The Blade Club.

[He said with a smile and a wink.] 

I know Matt isn't a guy who'll stay down without taking a lot to put him down. We know we irate and piss the hell out of all the veterans of this business, and everyone else with our style or brash attitude but the results speak for themselves and the Blade Club remaining winners is not going to change anytime soon. We're not just here to stay, we are coming to take over and all of WWX need to understand that.

I can see it now... the Blade Club. WWX International Champion. Tag Team Champions,Television Champion, WWX WORLD Champion... rulers ofMayhem, rebels of Ravageandthehell raisersof WWX. It is only a matter of time before we TAKE what we deserve.

Blayde Archer willhandle the International Champion Fill, The Giant Russian known as the Great Khoklov andthat delusional two faced manipulative punkprancing around likesome mighty warriorfairy god in a crowntalking about the real world while silentlypuckering up to the decision makers, sandbaggingthe television timewith nothing more than self servingrhetoric that had about meaning as a urination contest thenplaying backstage politics volunteering "favors" in hopes of beingspared the humility ofthe severe beatinghe is due butthat isMayhem. Today? We are talking about Ravage. We are talking about 420 and we are talking about Matt Glazebrook in particular. A man that I can actually respect.

Everyone within the Blade Club has their own unique skills while possessing all of the necessary talent, abilityand the tangibles neededto be successful on every possible level butmost important of all? Wetrust in each other. That is one thing we have in common with 420. The only thing we're missing, besides the respect we deserve, is some gold and for those of you who hate it, or simply don't want to admit it... it's a fact and it'll be even more apparent come Ravage. TheBlade Clubare well on our way to becoming made men hereanddefeating Matt Glazebrook is the next step.It's our own manifest destiny and there's not a damn thing any of you can do about it, no matter the years of experience, no matter how many ounces or pounds of marijuana that you can lift or smoke, no matter how much of a beating you can take, or no matter how great your record or accomplishments are.... destiny always wins outandat Ravage... it'll choose me.

-Ezra Zion nods his head with a confident smirk, giving the Blade Club signature throat slash gesture as the scene fades to black.-

                         This video has been brought to you by:

                                   The Buh-buh Blade Club


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