Dont disappoint me

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Mon, Jun26, 2017 7:58am America/Phoenix
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Dont disappoint me
[The camera opens up showing a beautiful field on the outskirts of Tokyo. Flowers can be seen breezing in the wind as the camera focuses on Rayne sitting in the distance. His championship in front of him, He sits with his legs folded in looking out into the sky].

Rayne: Once again, you are making me wait Darkness. Tell me, is this not something that you want? Are you not wanting the opportunity to take me out again? As it stands right now, I am in my prime this time around. I have been on a streak that no one has been able to stop, and keep on trucking. I have waited for you to make your appearance, make your presence known, and you have failed me yet again. The last time this happened, you waited until the last minute to even acknowledge me and then had to use underhanded tactics in order to take the place that I should have had. Push comes to shove, I know why you did it. That crusade cup that hold you so dear right now would not be with you and we both know that. I would have taken that cup, and then been on my way to take out syndicate next. 

[Rayne shifts himself to a new position as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Yet, for some reason, you have done nothing since winning that cup. You have once again sat in silence, awaiting whatever it is that you do. You have had ample opportunity to address me, tell me that you are going to make me regret getting into the ring with you again...ANYTHING...and you have given me nothing. It makes me wonder if that cup was all you came back for this time around, all you wanted because it was something that you never had. It was something that you yearned for and received due to the backhanded stabbing that you delivered to me. Of all the people in this company, I expected you to be the one that would give me the match that I deserved. 

[Rayne stands up reaching down and grabbing his title, draping it over his shoulder].

Rayne: Its no secret that I have alot going on right now. If you have been paying attention, I have a huge pain in my as* that needs to be dispatched, but right now the focus lies solely on you. You are the one that I am giving all my thoughts, all my obsession to at this point. You are one of the ones who stopped my train last time, slowed me down and brought me back to reality. And for that...I thank you. Had it not been for you, its hard to tell what I would have done or who I would have become. Because of you I have become everything that I was intended to be and more. I have become enlightened in my own self and am now woke far more than ever before. You may not see it now, but you will here soon .

[He paces through the field kicking a few flowers as he goes. He reaches down and picks a beautiful flower turning it as he holds it to the camera].

Rayne: I told you before that at Ravage I was going to right the wrong that had been given to me. I had time to think abot it, and dont think that it was a wrong. Throughout life, you are going to get knocked down and beat up. You are going to have disappointments, short comings, and heartache. You are going to have mixed emotions at all times, unsure of where to go and what to do. But the best thing about all that is redemption. The best part of it is seeing your opponent after they came in the first time and beat you, and taking them down swiftly. And that *laughs* what I am going to do to you. You are a legend Darkness, there is no doubt about that. But for every legend, there must be someone who can take them down. Many have tried, I have tried...and I failed. This time around, I will not fail. I will take what is front of me and show you the way of the path which I have taken. I will show you that the arch angel has evolved, and become something more than you will ever be. I will show you...Rayne. Soon Darkness, you are going to feel it, and I cannot wait until that day. You are a bump in the road to the thing that I intend to finish at Mayhem, and I will use you to give me the strength that I need to finish it. Good luck to you Darkness, the Rayne is coming. 

[Rayne slowly walks off into the field as the camera fades to black]

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