Don't like it

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, Nov08, 2017 7:23pm America/Phoenix
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Don't like it
A few nights ago....

(The side of a beaten up church house is shown with a smashed glass window stained red. 




the camera lowers and pans the ground outside. We see a hole in the grass and as the camera continues to move along the ground it stops to see a man resting against a oak tree... Not any man, it is the Legend Tommy Lipton. He is smiling at the sound of the bells... )

Tommy: He did it... It had to be him... 

(Tommy reaches into his pocket and pulls out his Samsung S8 which is cased in a protective Otter Box. He turns it on... He plays on it for a moment. The light of the phone glows and casts a light on a beaten up Tommy Lipton who's face is scratched and blood drips from his smiling lips... suddenly his smile changes to a frown. Tommy looks up and shoots a evil glair. )

Tommy: Are ... You ... Kidding ... Me... The kid pulled it off... 

(Tommy shoves the phone into his pocket)

Current Day
November 8th 

(Tommy sits inside Moxies, a resturant located downtown Toronto. He is wearing a shirt and blazer with jeans and dress shoes. He is eating a Canadian traditional poutine when a waitress brings him a drink. He moves the poutine aside and slids the drink infront of him... he stares at it for a moment, he drops in the lime and stirs it slowly with the small straw. He stops as the TV over a near by booth shows highlights from his Hall of Pain match. He snares and takes a sip of the drink. The screen transitions as James Ranger officially announces the returning Ravages card.)

James Ranger: Tommy Lipton will take on his former tag team partner, Rex McAllister. 

(Tommy lowers his head onto his folded arms and mumbles something before looking up. The waitress is at his table again.)

Waitress: Is everything okay here Mr. Lipton? 

(Tommy points at the TV and shakes his head...)

Tommy: No, not really Lyn. I just had one hell of a fight and in The heat of the moment I put my hands on a friend, a guy who I consider is like a brother to me... Sure it was in a title bout and it is every man for himself but it still bothers me. Now the McAllister-Lipton tandem are asked to face off on Ravage.... 
Not what I am interested in doing. I'll leave it to Rex McAllister to decide if he wants to do this... If we go down this road the likely hood of Lipton and McAllister being buds afterwords is very slim. I have fought friends before and it's never the same after. The competitiveness that runs in us warriors blood ends up taking over. That's this business and I get it, I just don't like it. 

Waitress: I'm sure you can have a friendly fight you know, just realize it's business and not personal... 

(Tommy rolls his eyes.)

Tommy: Chances are this match will determine the peeking order, it very much could determine the man next in line for the title. That's what this business, this life Lyn, is all about. Believe me it gets personal. 

(Tommy continues to stir his drink as Lyn decides to leave him be. The camera pulls away from Tommy as the scene fades to black.)

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