Don't mean nothin

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Mon, Apr02, 2018 9:38pm America/Phoenix
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Don't mean nothin
(Scene opens backstage in the trainerís room at the Key Arena, as Ravage is going off the air. Sitting on the training, getting a post-match massage is WWX superstar, Willie Steen. As the trainer works on his shoulder, Steen appears to be talking on a Bluetooth headset. WWX beat reporter, Brett Zayne walks in with a microphone in his hand.)

Steen: Ok yeah . . . No, no, no, Iím good. 

Zayne: Excuse me, Willie.

(Steen continues his phone conversation)

Steen: Yeah, I know. Donít worry about it, Iíll be there. Iím fly9ing out tomorrow.

Zayne: Willie?

(Steen turns around and sees Zayne and the camera.)

Steen: Hey lemme call you right back. Gotta take care of something real fast.

(Steen hangs up the phone and turns his attention to Zayne)

Steen: Cqn I help you?

Zayne: Willie, that was a tough loss out there tonight. Jake Devine seemed to really have your number out there. 

Steen: He did. Your point?

Zayne: Well, how do you think this will affect you going into the Elimination Chamber at Armada? Will you be able to rebound?

Steen: Rebound? From what? This? One meaningless loss on a random episode of Ravage? You think this is gonna derail me somehow? Do you know who youíre talking to? Iím Willie Steen. Iím a former World Champion. Iím a five-time Television Champion. The first ever five-time Television Champion in WWX history. I donít . . .

(Steen turns to the trainer)

Steen: I didnít tell you to stop.

(Trainer resumes treating his shoulder. Steen turns back to Zayne)

Steen: As I was saying, I donít get phased by a loss or two. I rise up and I step up. And at Armada, Iím gonna do just that.

Zayne: Well, I donít know if you heard, but we also just got word that you will be defending your title later this week at Wreckage against Tanno. Do you think youíll be able to ďrise upĒ by then?

(Steen looks down and shakes his head)

Steen: Well thatís typical, isnít it? Ranger and WWX brass stacking the deck against me. Ranger is clearly doing this as a way to get the belt off of me. Maybe he thinks I wonít be committed because Iím a big time movie star now. Maybe he resents the fact that Iím the most decorated Television Champion in history. Maybe heís just jealous of my good looks and success. For whatever reason, he does not wanna see me as the champ.

(Steen grabs the championship belt sitting next to him and sets it on his lap.)

Steen: But like I said, come Wreckage, I will rise up and I will step up. Tanno is a strong and worthy competitor and I know Iím in for a fight. But this is my legacy on the line here and heís not gonna stand in the way of my date with immortality. Iíve beat him before and I know I can do it again. And thatís exactly what Iím going to do at Wreckage. And then Iím going on to the Elimination Chamber at Armada where I will cement my legacy as the last and greatest Television Champion in WWX history.

(Steen picks up his phone)

Steen: Now if youíll excuse me, I have some more pressing business to attend to.

(Steen turns to the trainer)

Steen: You keep going

(Steen dials a number on his phone and put his finger to his earpiece. Zayne turns to the camera and motions for them to leave. Scene fades to black.)

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