Don't Oversell Yourself

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Tue, Aug22, 2017 5:27pm America/Phoenix
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Don't Oversell Yourself
???: Korath. The Nordic Nightmare. In the traditional scheme of things, when people enter their R.E.M. sleep stage, it is said that's where nightmares occur. Unless you expect me to be completely asleep during our upcoming match Korath, I don't do nightmares and I always have one eye open.

Xavier Pendragon comes into camera view as the camera range itself widens to reveal several other people walking about what appears to be the Colusseum in Greece.

Xavier: I am well aware of Norse Mythology Korath. While your similarities with Sigurd may sound impressing, you stating that you're gonna strike me down in not. I read about and studied up on you a little bit in the past but not too much because at the time, we never faced each other in the ring one-on-one until today. Now not only will go back and re-read the notes I already took of you but I also look at some of your most recent matches. People change overtime Korath. I know I changed and I know you changed.

Xavier turns the corner, walking towards what appears to be the exit.

Xavier: The biggest mistake that people make when it comes to facing me in the ring is that I'm a pushover. They think I'm mere easy pickings for them and I don't stand a chance, or in your case Korath, will knock me down in one blow. Honestly Korath, for a second there when you said that, I thought you were Goro from Mortal Kombat. Joking aside Korath, yes, I am well aware of who you are and what you are capable of. I also know that much like me, is a former International Champion. 

Xavier now stands at a local bus stop, waiting on a bus.

Xavier: Korath, you stated in order for me to defeat you, it would have to take an act of the Gods? While I'm no God, shape, form or fashion, I am a machine. Not just a machine, but THE Machine. You already made one mistake when you stated that you was gonna strike me down in one blow knowing full well that I don't go down easy. Once that bell rings at Fury don't expect me to show you mercy, because I won't Machines know no mercy and no fear. See you at Fury.

Xavier sees the public transit bus pulling up as people line up. As Xavier boards the bus, he stops and turns his head.

Xavir: Oh and uh Korath, don't oversell yourself.

scene fade

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