Don't question my heart

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Thu, Mar01, 2018 12:29am America/Phoenix
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Don't question my heart
(Scene opens inside the backstage area of the Duncan McIver Arena. WWX superstar, Willie Steen is pacing back and forth with the Television Championship glistening on his shoulder.)

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. It's an old adage and one that many people have tried to live by with varying results. For the most part, I've been fairly successful in terms of donning this mentality. After all, I'm talented, successful, beloved and oh, so gosh darn handsome. There isn't much that can make me insecure about who I am. However, no matter how confident you are, once in a while, someone can say something that irks you in just the right way. 

(Stops and turns to face the camera)

You see, a few weeks ago, I defended the Tag Team championship against Darkness and his partner Syndicate. And Syndicate, as he usually does, decided to run his mouth a bit. Now, at this point in my career, Iíve largely managed to tune out what he says. But there was something he said that stuck with me and got to me. It got to me because it is a sentiment that seems to be going around. 

(Takes a breath)

See Iíve been in the WWX for a long time now. Almost five years. And in that time, there have been some rough patches as there are in everyoneís career. You can attribute those to failed opportunities, being passed over for opportunities or just plain old bad luck. But according to Syndicate, itís because I donít care. He thinks I've become complacent. That I've lost my passion. Says I shouldn't even be here anymore. Again, coming from Syndicateís mouth, this can usually be dismissed as he ramblings of a buffoon. But what he said this time really got to me for some reason. Not necessarily because he said it, but because it's a sentiment that seems to be going around lately. Not only with the folks in the back but with a lot of the fans and media as well. People think that the fact that I don't have the WWX Championship around my waist right now is because I don't have any passion or desire. 

(Steen raises his belt up in front of the camera)

You see this? Does this look like I don't care? That I've given up? Would I be I five time Television Champion if I didn't have a passion. If I didn't have a passion I wouldn't be here. The very fact that I show up week in and week out and bust my ass in that ring, should be proof enough that I care. But if you still need proof, then I'll be happy to oblige this Friday on Ravage when I take on one half of the tag team champions, Darkness. 

(Takes off his sunglasses and gazes piercingly into the camera)

Syndicate, I hope you'll be there to watch and witness me prove my passion still burns. By beating the crap out of your tag team partner. When I'm trough with him, you're gonna wish that you kept your big yap shut. And you, nor anyone else, will ever question my heart again. 

(Scene fades to black)

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