Double Sided

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On Thu, Jun15, 2017 12:01pm America/Phoenix
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Double Sided
[ The segment takes place in a small room, there's hardly anything visible inside of it besides a chair in one end of the room, and a lamp that is strong enough to light up only one half of the room. The sound of someone fiddling with the lock of the door can be heard in the darker side of the room, before someone opens and closes the door. The sound of footsteps reaches the lighter side of the room, as Fill steps out of the darkness and sits on the chair, looking directly at the camera ]

Fill: I know what you're thinking. Small space, very quiet, my kind of environment, you've heard it plenty of times. There are a lot of things that you've already heard coming from me, but what can I say. A part of what I get paid for is to promote my matches, so let's get started. Actually, that's not just it. The reason I picked such an... interesting place to shoot my promo is that Rayne has been talking about... what was it... bringing my darkness out, right? 

[ Fill lets out a quick laugh, looking down for a moment before he continues his thoughts ]

Fill: Rayne, there's a lot we can talk about, but sadly this isn't just about you and me. I just wanted to show everyone that somewhat it doesn't matter what side I'm on. Who I am will not change, my interests will not change, all that could change is the amount of anger and frustration I put into my matches, or as I've been mentioning so many times since our last run-in - my more aggressive side. There is something that I would like to cover about Rayne and myself, but let's leave it for the end. There are two others figures that can't stand to be on the sidelines, and have to jump under the spotlight one way or another, so let's get started.

[ Fill gets up from the chair and moves to the darker part of the room ]

Fill: I wonder which annoying SOB to start with.

[ Fill's voice sounds a little different, as if he's trying to sound more evil ]

Fill: It's like without a title, you're nothing more than an employ waiting for his next paycheck, without anything interesting to show for it. In other words, everyone treats you like you're invisible. But once you climb up the ladder and get a top spot in your business, everyone wants what you have. Jealousy, humanity, call it what you will, everyone just think that they deserve it more than you do. But not everyone has a strategy on how to do that, take Giant Khoklov for instance. So far he hasn't said a thing, when you're given the chance of a lifetime, you have to show why you were given that opportunity. As of this moment, the only thing that he has accomplished is an example of being Goliath. It is a tad bit cliche to talk about David vs Goliath, but the moral of the story is pretty obvious, the bigger you are the harder you fall. Judging by Khoklov's silence, he agrees with that. He might have brute force and size to count on, but even those won't be enough to deal with three other opponents. So Khoklov, if you are willing to lose without a fight, you might as well not show up at all, or just send your manager to fight for you. Or better yet, the match was supposed to be between five people, both of you can join in and get humiliated for your efforts. Do what you will, but in the end everyone will see how much of a lost cause you are.

[ Fill steps out of the darkness with a sad look on his face ]

Fill: Sorry, I didn't mean to sound that nasty. I do plan on proving once and for all that I can beat you Khoklov, but if you don't step up and prove yourself, you'll end up exactly where you are now - a wasted opportunity over and under.

[ Now he steps back into the darkness and the sound of something breaking breaks the short silence]

Fill: Did you hear that? I have no idea what it was, but did you hear it? Whatever it was, it's gone now. Nothing to show, besides the sound of it breaking. A lot of things can break, especially partnership, friendship and so on. Everything that shows how much people can count on each other. Why am I mentioning this, well because a bunch of newbies are trying to sound nasty against the rest of us, while all they've done is gather wins by interfering in each other's matches. When it's three on one, it's easy to run your mouth. Last week they almost managed to do that to me, but we all saw what happened when chaos irrupted and it turned into a free for all brawl. No one cared if they were one, or two, or three hundred, an army can't stand up against the mixture of hunger for both hatred and gold. One might be after me for his own personal gain, but the rest just want the title that I carry - the International Championship. Blayde Archer, you can't stand up on your own. The rules of the title match won't punish you if you play your same old tricks, but it won't matter either way. All of us will have our own tricks up our sleeves. You can count on your brothers in arms from the Blade Club, but even they won't stop me, or Khoklov, or Rayne from teaching you why you shouldn't run your mouth so much. I've been exactly where you are right now, I used to be a part of a great team, we were perfect the way we were without titles on our shoulders, yet we still managed to have fun everywhere we went inside the ring and out. We were the true meaning of a team, and even though some doubted that we would accomplish anything separately, we did. I did! You call me a punching bag, but even so the International Championship is still with me. Brag all you want about being the reason for that, you will receive no gratitude. The only thing I can offer you is a swift Stressout and get it over with, but where would the fun in that be.

[ Once again Fill steps out of the darkness, again looking a bit sad ]

Fill: Light or dark, screw it. Blayde Archer, I just don't like you. Everything I said came from the heart, and you will most definitely regret getting involved. You started all of this to get the the International Championship? You'll only end up with the disappointment of having to take my place in the hospital for that.

[ Fill turns and takes a few steps back to the darker side of the room, but he stops and doesn't say anything at first. He raises his head and looks up for a while, before he stands exactly in the middle of the room, as half of him remains in the light, and the other in the dark ]

Fill: Now, I know that everyone is wondering what the hell I am thinking. Just a few weeks ago Rayne turned his back on me, and now I'm offering him an alliance again, out of the blue. At the same time, Blayde Archer for some reason threw the same offer to me. For all you know, Khoklov might offer the same thing. What I am trying to say is that, this is not only a match between multiple opponents, but it's for the International Championship. Everyone will do whatever it takes to win this match, and that involves me. I can do what Rayne wants and take a dark turn, so that people would start fearing me instead of loving me, to start beating my opponents til they start bleeding instead of shaking their hands. Or I can be the simple minded, stupid as Blayde Archer said I was, just plain old stressed Fill. You know what Rayne, I can be anything that I want to be. When I'm facing you I can be just as brutal and sadistic as you, however it doesn't matter if I am taking a turn for the better or for worse. Whichever side I'm on...

[ He reaches out into the dark and pulls out the International Championship belt, as half of it becomes visible under the light ]

Fill: ... I am still your International Champion. Will I join forces with you just to punish the rest and continues our little dance, I might. Will I allow the Blade Club to help me put you down instead, I might. Will I do things the way I have since I came back and fight on my own, I might. Things can go either way, but I still hold this title with pride, and if I have to set loose all hell to keep it - I MIGHT! Anything MIGHT happen, but through every possible scenario, I will fight until the very finish to show you Rayne, and you Blayde Archer, and even Giant Khoklov, that all the beatings I have taken over time means nothing, and when I have to defend this title, I most definitely will! 

[ Fill raises the title with his visible hand under the light ]

Fill: Light, darkness, both sides will have to agree...I...AM...THE WWX...INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!

[ Fade to black ]

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