Dragon Descend

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Tue, May08, 2018 4:45pm America/Phoenix
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Dragon Descend
Inside his home in Detroit, Michigan, Xavier seems to be enjoying a show he is watching on TV when the phone rings. He looks at his caller ID and notices that it's his son on the other end.

XAVIER: 'ello.....Well that wasn't very nice. You okay though.........That's good. I guess he thought he could get one over on a former Conquest Champion.........Say, what? I'm facing him next week? It seems that Tommy Lipton's idea of a warm up match as I prepare for my upcoming title against a rookie a "challenge". Very well then....Did Lipton call you and tell you?......I gotcha.........Call him back and tell him I'll be there.......Love you too son. Bye.

Xavier then hangs up the phone.

Xavier unmutes the TV just in time to see a promo from Gimmick Jones. Xavier cracks a rare smile as the promo concludes. He turns the TV off and turns to the WWX cameraman.

XAVIER: Beatrice must've given you a spare key to get in and get my candid thoughts on my next challenger this week. Fine. I'll bite. Listen Gimmick, rookies like you come a dime a dozen. You come in trying to make yourself known by going after who you think in your beedy little mind is the big dog. In this case, you went after former WWX Conquest Champion, "The Marine" Jeffrey Pendragon. Just know that I won't be doing anything to you about the ambush you did to Jeffrey, but Jeffrey will, so keep an eye open. But enough about that. Let's focus on the task at hand. You say that I drove away fans and play the low-level card and show up giving lackluster performances and you consider yourself real talent? Wow. That's a low blow there Jones......and if you think I would be easily insulted and rattled by that, you are sadly mistaken. And for God's sakes, if you're gonna brag about my accolades, PLEASE get them right. I am indeed a former World & TV Champ. You also failed to mention that I have also acquired both the International and Tag Team titles on 5 occasions, making me a grand slam winner. You also mentioned something about showing up to my family reunion and beating the rest of us up. Hahahahahahahahaha, good luck with that.You have me, my son Jeff and then my wife Beatrice, a former 3-time Women's Champion in her own right. 

Xavier then stands up and grabs his coat.

XAVIER: This upcoming Ravage, this dragon descends onto you Gimmick Jones...and the only exclamation you will leave is you looking up at the lights while my hand is raised in victory.

scene fades

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