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*Static flickers on-screen before giving way to a shot of the interior of Meiji Jingu Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.  It is night-time, and the baseball stadium is seemingly empty with all lights turned off and the field sitting in complete silence.  Suddenly, a voice rings out from the darkness.*

???: 'Bout time you got here.

*One of the overhead floodlights in the stadium illuminates to reveal Syndicate sitting cross-legged on the pitcher's mound.  He is wearing a black zip-up hoodie with the hood pulled over his golden hair along with worn-down blue jeans.  Syndicate holds the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship in his lap as he looks around at the empty stadium.*

Syndicate: Here I sit, alone, at the top of the mountain.  Kurtis Ray, for all intents and purposes, is gone, banished from the main event for the time being.  Meanwhile...I've survived.  I'm still here, just like I said I would be.  And I'm ready to face all comers once again.

*The champion softly chuckles.*

Syndicate: But who is to take the man's place?  Darkness?  Not this week.  No, that man is too busy messing around with candles and spooky chants.  Instead, Xavier Pendragon, of all people, has been put in front of the Los Angeles Outlaw.  Xavier Pendragon.  The Machine from Detroit.  The five-time International Champion.  The legend in his own right.

Syndicate: You brought up something pretty interesting, Xavier...something I honestly didn't know about.  You say that this is only your second match in your career against the World Champion.  Really?  Such a long career and you've only faced the current World Heavyweight Champion ONE other time?  I...I don't even know what to say to that, man.  I have no comeback.  The fact speaks for itself.  And, dare I say, that fact is going to be your downfall at Ravage.  You see, Xavier, being the World Champion means you are the best professional wrestler in the entire world.  You know next to nothing about facing someone of that caliber, at that high of a ranking.  And because of that, Xavier...you will lose on Ravage.  That much I can guarantee.

*Syndicate switches his attention from the scene surrounding him to the camera.*

Syndicate: I'm anticipating your best, Xavier.  Hell, if you don't give your best, I'm going to be a bit more than disappointed.  This is a match that could go down in the history books as one of the greatest matches ever given away on free TV.  This is a match that will steal the show, just like every other match I've ever been in.  There are no stipulations, no special rules, no beef between us.  There's just two men, representing two different eras of professional wrestling, going one-on-one for the first time.

*He smiles.*

Syndicate: But you know me - I love introducing drama into other people's lives.  Does the date May 5, 2017, ring a bell, Xavier?  No?  That's the day I interfered in your first-round Crusade Cup match against Kurtis Ray.  I came in there, hit Kurtis Ray with the No Signal, and gave you the win.  Even when Tanno Waters came out to restart the match, you had a golden opportunity to win with Kurtis weakened.  But instead...you lost.  You choked.  You probably could be the #1 Contender right now...but even with help, you couldn't beat Kurtis Ray.  And now you want to face the man who just readily handled Kurtis in the main event of Outrage?  Right.

Syndicate: You've put yourself into a new environment.  You want to test yourself against the champ who you blame for costing you a match two months ago.  I can respect that.  But I don't feel sorry for you.  I don't fell sorry for a man who's only faced one other current World Champion.  I don't feel sorry for a veteran without a World title to his name.  And I especially don't feel sorry for a wrestler who thinks he can dethrone the Los Angeles Outlaw.  You're gonna bring all you've got, Xavier?

*Syndicate shakes his head.*

Syndicate: It still won't be enough.  You and I both know it won't be enough.  

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