Dropping the Blayde

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On Sat, Sep30, 2017 12:19am America/Phoenix
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Dropping the Blayde
     The scene opens to the weekly WWX news show hosted by Chris Sanders already in progress.  Seated behind a long, arc shaped desk in front of a large black backdrop with the WWX logo emblazoned in yellow are WWX reporters Leon Jones, Sarah Jackson, Paige Taylor, and, of course, Chris Sanders.  The show has just returned from commercial as Chris addresses the camera.

Chris - “Welcome back to this weeks show where we have been discussing the results of the incredible World Series pay-per-view event and the upcoming Fury being held at the Superdome in New Orleans on October 6th.  At this time I'd like to bring out this week's special guest, a man who will be headlining that Fury when he takes on Blayde Archer for the International Championship, please give a big hand for Jester!”

     The small studio audience applauds enthusiastically as Jester enters from the left of the stage wearing a dark grey WWC t-shirt and jeans with his hair slicked back neatly in place.  He has a huge smile on his face as he greets each of the reporters, lingering slightly longer while shaking Paige’s hand, and then waves warmly at the audience before taking his seat at the center of the desk.

Chris - “Thank you for joining us today.”

Jester - “It's my pleasure Chris.  But before we get started I was hoping you would allow me to address a situation that needs attending to.”

Chris - “The floor is yours Jester.”

Jester leans forward with his arms on the desk as he stares into the camera, a serious look on his face.

Jester - “It would seem I have myself a WWX stalker.  Bob, there were four other men in our ring at World Series.  So I have no idea why you decided to obsess over me, nor do I really care.”

Jester’s leans back in his chair, now with a slight grin on his face.

Jester - “Listen Bob, all this posturing and insults and threats, they're completely unnecessary.  If you want to fight me then let's do it!  I've never ducked an opponent in my life, and I'm not about to start now.  The only problem is, Bob, you're yelling at the wrong person.  I don't make the matches.  If you really want a piece of me then go get the GM to put the match on a card and I promise you I'll damn sure be there.  Now, as far as your threats about interfering in my match at Fury.  I assure you WWC will be at the Superdome in full force to watch my back.  So you worry about your match, Bob, and keep your nose out of mine.  I assure you, you'll get your match soon enough.  Just one small piece of advice Bob.  Be careful what you wish for.”

Jester turns back to Chris.

Jester - “Sorry, but I needed to get that off my chest.  Please, ask your questions.”

Chris - “At World Series you, Fill, and Korath worked well as a team.  Was that the plan going in?”

Jester - “When Worlds Collide isn't just a team.  We're more like a brotherhood.  So yes, of course we had a plan going into the match and we executed that plan perfectly.”

Paige - “It appeared that Fill gave you the pin on Archer, setting you up for your title match on Fury.  Was that part of the plan as well?”

Jester - “Yes, that was Fill’s decision.  You would have to ask him why he decided he wanted it to play out that way.”

Paige - “Was it predetermined by the three of you that Korath would be the one to advance on to ring five?”

Jester - “No, we knew Fill was going to bow out once Archer and Bob had been eliminated but Korath and I agreed that we would fight it out between ourselves to see who would move on.”

Sarah - “Are there any hard feelings between the two of you about how it turned out?”

Jester - “Absolutely not.  Korath was the better man on that day and I couldn't be happier that he went on to win the number one contender contract.  No offense to Darkness, but there's no doubt in my mind that Korath will walk out of Hall of Pain as the Undisputed WWX World Heavyweight Champion.  Just like there's no doubt in my mind that I'm going to emerge from Fury as the new WWX International Champion.”

Leon - “Speaking of your upcoming title match, the champion has been silent for over a month now.  Why do you think that is?”

Jester - “Blayde Archer is nothing more than a typical bully.  When he had the numbers advantage he was talking all sorts of trash and making brash claims.  He said that Blade Club was going to rule the WWX and that he was going to be the most dominant force the wrestling world had ever seen.  But as soon as WWC reunited and Blade Club could no longer simply gang up on their opponents to beat them he suddenly went underground.  People always show their true selves when they are tested and Archer has proven that he is nothing more than a coward.”

Jester turns and stares deeply into the camera.

Jester - “Well Archer, your time has run out.  There's nowhere for you to hide any longer.  At Fury, you will have to show up and defend your title one on one against me.  No one is coming to help you.  My brothers in WWC are going to make sure of that.  And after I give you the beating you've so desperately earned, I will lock the Killing Joke around your neck and force you to tap out.  And when you do the WWX will finally have the International Champion it deserves.  One that will represent the WWX and it's fans with honor and pride!”

The intensity of Jester’s final statement causes the reports to pause for a few seconds after Jester is finished.  Finally the silence is broken by Chris.

Chris - “Powerful words by the championship contender.  Once again we'd like to thank Jester for dropping by and we will return with more WWX news right after these messages.”

Fade to black.

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