Dull blade

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Fri, Jul28, 2017 9:51pm America/Phoenix
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Dull blade
("In The End" by Linkin Park plays over the many speakers inside the WWX Xcess arena in Buffalo NY... Tommy Lipton comes walking out and the fans chant "Lipton" as he makes his way to ringside. He takes a moment to shake some hands, take some snapshots and sign some autographs for his fans before jumping up onto the apron edge and climbing through the ropes to enter the ring...)

Tommy Lipton:

I want to take a moment, Linkin Park suffered a terrible loss this past week... Let us take a moment of respect for Chester Bennington. 


Thank you... So it has been awhile WWX since I last spoke to you... so that is why I felt it proper to come out here tonight to address the Lipton Addicts! It was not that long ago that I stood along side Rex McAllister as your Champions. I apologise for allowing the puny cowards that the Blade Club are to represent the tag division...

Hell... This is indeed where Rex and I are going to take the Blade Club come this weeks return of Fury... Hell In A Cell in MSG is going to be what everyone will remember years down the road. The show stealing match ONLY because it features two of WWX best, the McAllister Lipton tandem... 

The Club thinks that they have our number why? Because they took us from off our thrones? Hah! The Blade Club knows that they needed to remove us through cheap tricks in order to even have an opportunity to become the tag champions. Face it, Rex and I were unstoppable... On Fury our reign will emerge once more and we will show our petty challangers that we are in fact the one true tag team champions and for the past week or so, the Blade Club has just been holding onto whats rightfully ours, just keeping our seats on the tgrone warm for us. 

Rex and I are in fact what he says, a team that otherwise was never to be considered and yet, fate brought us together and we took a dying fed and an otherwise done division and gave it life again. 

The Tag Team Championships have purpose again because of what Rex and I did. Much as Tommy Lipton does anytime he is holding a belt, I give the strap meaning and inside a gruesome Cell Lipton along with my good buddy Rex will recapture and regive that meaning to the Tag division for the Blade Club are not giving those belts the justice they deserve. Firstly, they had to run in and cheat Rex and I out of winning our match and thus robbing us of those belts so that the Blade Club could have easier opponents to face to claim their spot at the top.... Well Fury, the Lipton McAllister Tandem will right that wrong. 

Now these two assclowns do not think much of us... Odd that they would underestimate a team made up of one legend plus a future legend and former world champions BUT hey, it just goes to show Rex and I that we were right to assume that they are indeed stupid... Now they can think that they will put us "saviours" down with ease but they will not... The two idiots will go toe to toe inside a steel cage with us and no chance of having anyone come to their aid... Hah they are so foolish... Do they not realize that Hell in a Cell matches and beating on morons are our specialty!? The Blade Club will be sliced and diced by two of the sharpest here in the WWX and their time as Champs will end just as quickly as it begun! Hah they should be called the dulled bladed club as they are far from being able to cut us off from accomolishing our mission this coming Fury.... Oh man, we are ready for this and we are reclaiming what rightfully belongs to us! 

Hell in a Cell will be very bad for the Blade Club but for Rex and I... It will be a fun little playground, a place for us to unleash our vengence on the two pieces of trashed up, untalented, and pathetic individuals who stepped on the two wrong people in this industry. You really thought we wouldn't remember what you did... Did you think we wouldn't find you... Did you think you would be able to escape us? Sure you got the belts, you got your name in the bools BUT you will also get one of the shortest runs in WWX tag team history for we have found you... We have gotten booked our rematch and at Fury in Madison Square Garden... Inside Hell in a Cell...  

("In The End" plays as the fans give a standing cheer for Tommy Lipton as he exits the ring and returns backstage.)

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