Dull Blayde

Roleplay Roleplay by JESTER
On Thu, Sep21, 2017 10:35pm America/Phoenix
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Dull Blayde
     The scene opens roughly eight miles outside the city of Dublin in the Dublin Mountain Forest.  A light mist hangs in the brisk morning air.  The chirping of indigenous birds can be heard in the distance.  A light breeze sways the nearly three hundred feet tall Sitka Spruce trees.  The forest appears to be devoid of any life.  The camera focuses in on the trunk of a singular tree when suddenly a familiar ‘thud’ is heard and the camera now shows an arrow firmly implanted deeply into the tree.  It is quickly joined by a second as the camera turns in search of the person firing the arrows.

     Locating its objective, the camera continues to watch on as the figure fires several more arrows, each hitting there target in a tight grouping.  The figure then begins to approach until it becomes clear that the person firing the arrows is WWX superstar Jester.  He is dressed in a grey camouflaged jacket and combat pants with grey hiking boots.  He has an empty dark grey quiver on his back and a Fleetwood recurve bow hung over his shoulder.  As he nears the camera he begins to speak.

Jester - “Some of you may be wondering what I'm doing shooting arrows in the middle of the forest.  First off, it's an excellent way to steady your mind and train the reflexes.  But most importantly it's a metaphor, because today's promo is all about you, Archer.”

Jester walks over to the tree where his arrows are buried and plucks each one out while returning them to his quiver.

Jester - “Archer, you've been mysteriously quite for some time now.  I'm not going to presume to know why this is and to be completely honest, I don't care.  You and your little gang of underlings pranced into the WWX proclaiming that you were going to be the next big thing.  That Blade Club was going to own the WWX, and for awhile you did a fairly good job of backing up your words.”

Jester begins to walk through the forest with the camera closely following.

Jester - “And then you made a mistake.  Quite possibly your final mistake.  You began attacking my friends.  You put Rayne in the hospital and used your goons to steal the International title from Fill, and that put you dead center of my scope.  Now I finally have the chance to get my hands on you at World Series and I promise that you are going to feel my wrath!”

Jester emerges from the forest into a small parking area where his Charcoal Grey 1970 Plymouth Road Runner is waiting for him.  He makes his way to the trunk and unloads his equipment before slamming it shut.

Jester - “You see Archer, I know men like you.  I made an entire career of taking men like you out.  You're just lucky that my methods are no longer permanent.  You hide behind things like tradition and heritage when all you really are is a thug.  You only believe in one thing, and that's the self promotion of yourself.  You play at being tough when you have the numbers to your advantage but when you have to stand alone you suddenly lose your will to speak.  Well, hear this Archer.  At World Series I WILL be the one to eliminate you from the International ring.  And then, at the next Fury, I WILL take the thing you hold most dear, the International Championship.  And once I have accomplished my task, then When Worlds Collide will be sitting atop of your precious totem pole and Blade Club will be but a tiny footnote in the history of the WWX.”

Jester jumps into the driver’s seat of his car and peels off as the camera fades to black.

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