Early celebration

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Fri, Sep22, 2017 10:00pm America/Phoenix
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Early celebration
The scene opens inside an elevator. Jake Devine, wearing a suit and sunglasses, has his back leaned against the wall. His wife Megan, also wearing sunglasses and a seductive red dress, stands by his side, holding his arm tightly and smiling. The door opens and the couple walk down the hallway.

Jake: In less than 72 hours, WWX World Series will start. Four rings of action in real time, championships on the line, and all that bullshit everyone is already used to. Everyone already knows it, so I don't need to explain. Ah, here we are.

Jake opens the door to a room, and gestures for the camera to follow. It's a luxurious hotel room, with a spacious living room. Megan enters the bedroom, and Jake walks to the dining table, where a bottle of wine inside a bucket awaits. Jake picks up the bottle and analyses the label, smiling. He takes 3 glasses and lines them on the table.

Jake: This is my second time in Dublin, first time wrestling here. And now that we're set, I know that I start off against the rest of the World division ranked superstars Krimzon Blazs, Willie Steen, and Cameron Westerport. So let's celebrate.

Jake opens the bottle and pours 3 glasses. He gives one to Megan, one to the cameraman, and takes the last one for himself. He raises the glass, proclaiming:

Jake: To my victory at World Series!

Megan: Cheers!

Jake and Megan proceed to down the wine. The cameraman stands confused for a moment, but decides to drink anyway. Jake places the glass in the table and walks to the sofa.

Jake: Am I calling my victory too early? Nah, not a bit. You see, the competition this year is just so weak that I don't even have to worry. Does that mean I am taking it easy, though? Wrong. Even though I have already won, I still have to put up a show. Come on, people are paying for this, the least I can do is make their money worth. And with that, I shall win my ring in about 15 minutes, to conserve my energy, once I move on to the final ring. And even that won't be a challenge, given I'll fight people from Television and Tag Team rankings. There are some people I am looking out for, though. First, Krimzon Blaze.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Nah, just joking. I have Blaze all figured out already. First we have the fact I'm all over his head, and then there's the other two clowns to slow him down. Westerport and Steen are jokes, the former shouldn't even be here and the latter I have faced oh so many times that I already know every last one of his moves. Add in the fact they have yet to say a word, and that makes it just me and you here, Blazey. Like I said before, 15 minutes. Shouldn't be too tiring on me, and not too punishing on you. With that said, let's look at some potential opponents for the final ring.

Megan hands Jake some cards. He removes his sunglasses and places it on the sofa handle.

Jake: First, from the Television rankings...nah, just kidding.

Jake tears the first card apart and throws it away. He then picks up the second card.

Jake: First, Korath. I have faced him before. He's really big, and hits like a truck. Or...he used to. He's been away from the ring for a long time. I'll bet here that his skills have deteriorated a bit from the last time I faced him. So, while I am looking out for him, he still shouldn't be that much of a challenge. Also from the same ring, we have Fill. Who pinned me when I was injured following my match with Syndicate. Fill is not as dangerous as Korath. Probably. The one major detail here is: he pinned me. I must return the favor. If not here I will have the opportunity later on. And finally, Jester. I know nothing about him, so I won't say much. Big question mark. However, I still don't count on him as a challenge. Skills must have deteriorated, just like Korath. 

Jake throws the card away, and shows the last one to the camera. It's Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton.

Jake: Now these two could be trouble. Both are former World champions, both are among the best wrestlers in the World right now, and both are very dangerous opponents. And either one will join me in the final ring as well. Now, while I have never faced Lipton, I have beaten Rex before. And, since we're here, let's face the facts. Both deserve to be on the World rankings, in place of clowns like Darkness and Westerport. They're the most dangerous opponents that I will face. However, the match is still mine. Why? Simple. Only one of them will proceed. And while they're the best tag team...I can surely handle either one alone.

Jake stretches his arm and smiles.

Jake: So. That makes it for my early celebration for my win at World Series. Blazey, see you soon. And to everyone else, hope you like the sight of Jake Devine standing on top of a ladder. But for now...enjoy the show

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