Ea$y Money

Roleplay Roleplay by GIMMICK JONES
On Wed, May09, 2018 8:45pm America/Phoenix
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Ea$y Money
[A midnight black Mercedes Benz races through a green light smoking all four tires through Times Square as a cop attempts to block the vehicle by standing in the crosswalk and leaning against the hood... BIG mistake!]


[The red digital stop hand switches to a stick figure of a male and female walking as Gimmick Jones casually whistles the cops theme past the injured officer while he crosses the street to see a shocked Leon Jones record the fallout from an apple watch.]


-Gimmick Jones-
Leon Jones. Almost didn't see you there. Looks like Members of Vengeance street racers didn't see that speedbump wearing a cop uniform, either.. Similar to the way the Gimmick Express ran through little Jeffrey Junior with ease last week.

Blindsided, flattened and crushed like a recyled piece of human Pendragon trash. The self proclaimed BIG dog is all out of tricks that is about to get neutered and if his Bitch gets involved she will be put down quicker than that mutt son of his. Xavier is placing his own family at risk and in harms way all to further a massive ego with mediocre skills that will not back it up against REAL TALENT. 

[Gimmick Jones smiles.]

Like moi. Kurtis Ray. Rex McAllister. Bob Mellon. We are the true talent that deserve the Championship opportunities losers like Xavier keeps getting fed on a silver platter.

-Leon Jones- 
The Machine did defeat and retire Darkness to stay top contender..

-Gimmick Jones-
That wasnt the same Darkness WWX Once respected and feared. What we witnessed was a shell of the weak mortal man we all saw lay down to die. I do not lay down for anyone. Especially a Pendragon.

[Gimmick Jones glances over at the police officer loaded up on a stretcher and placed into an ambulance, a mischievous smirk forms across his face as the scene fades.]

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