EGYPT #WWXChampionTour2018

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, Mar28, 2018 7:53pm America/Phoenix
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EGYPT #WWXChampionTour2018


Chris Sanders: Good evening WWX Universe and to begin, Tommy Lipton apologizes in the delaying of some footage taken earlier. My name is Chris Sanders and we now go to live footage taken from shortly after Tommy Lipton arrived at the docks in Alexandria. From there he made his way to Giza, and the home of the Sphynx and the seventh wonder of the world. Take a look. 

The scene transitions .....

The winds lift the sands which brush the face of the great Sphynx, located in Giza. Behind the incredible Sphynx are the Pyramids with the  7th wonder of the world... the sun setting behind. 
The sun catches the face plate of the Undisputed Championship as a
 small crowd of 75 to 100 people surround the One and Only. Tommy is accompanied by an armed security unit but he motions them to take distance. He walks through the crowd shaking hands and takes a stand at the top of a small sandy mound. He looks around at the crowd, at the Sphynx and out toward the Pyramids taking in the sights. He inhales and then exhales. He let's his mind wonder into the old ways, old Egypt. He reaches down and scoops up a handful of sand... 

Tommy: The pharaohs ... Who ruled a Kingdom; an Empire... These Pharaohs saw that a lump of sand become something more, something majestic. All of this... 

Tommy spreads his arms out like wings, he lets the sand blow away from his hand and spins looking around at the magnificent sight. 

Tommy: All of this was at one point nothing but then it became something... it became Egypt AND ... 

Tommy shoots out his hand raising his index finger which points upwards. 

Tommy: and, thousands upon thousands of years later people STILL come here to see the glory in which they created! 

Tommy looks at his WWX Undisputed Championship. 

Tommy: They led and the people followed and they will always be remembered. That's the kind of Champion I want to be. A Champion who is still remembered years after he's gone... In a way I am... This World Wrestling Xistence was formed in 2001, I was a big part in helping mold this Federation... Syndicate may want to call me poisonous .... HOWEVER!

Tommy shakes his head...

Tommy: When I was around before, from 2006 till 20/12, that's 6 years kid.... During those 6 years this place blossomed! The Era that I ruled saw high engagement and some of the most noteworthy matches and contenders...  and.... I was remembered.... 
After I left however things changed... Syndicate may want to call me poisonous but it is impossible to say I am any kind of sort. History is fact and the fact is while I was here WWX was a success. When I left... Different story perhaps... 

Tommy bows his head for a moment... he looks back up.

Tommy: and I am not here to indicate anything about that. I am here to say the only poison that I see is that of spoiled brat like Syndicate who wants a fast climb to the top of the legacy chart. My god, in my hay day it would be 3 or 4 years at the top before you would dare put Hall of Fame and your name in the same sentience! Kids these days expect so much more for so much less. Syndicate, you actually think you deserve to be known as greatness because you had one or two good years?! Most of your Championship wins have been recent... So maybe you are on your way... but what the heck were you doing the previous years??!! I won my first World Championship a few months in, I manipulated my way into the main event and seized my opportunity... It didn't take me years to start being the big picture in the WWX. In my fourth year I became a Hall of Famer. 
 Right now who is Champ? It ain't you kid And come Ravage that is not going to change! 


Tommy: Let me get this straight... In NO disrespect towards Darkness... So Syndicate and Darkness are the kings of the Tag Division... I cheer on my one time brother Darkness in having great success but is that so? Kings? It was not that long ago when Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton were the men of the Tag Team division... and here we go once again having you try and rush to calling yourself a King... Again you have been a tag unit for how long? You have fought and proudly defended those titles how many times? Yet you are the Kings?? ... Darkness is trying to do what Tommy Lipton did with Rex, but let's see if you can keep the Tag Division alive for a year... Let us see what Syndicate does for the division...  will it last or fizzle away like everything else he touches. Damn Syd!  I had to dethrone Xavier Pendragon in style to bring some meaning back to this Undisputed Title after you spoiled it... 

Tommy stops to appreciate a camel which walks past...

Tommy: Not everyday you see that..   

The Camel almost knocks over the camera equipment well men take charge to see that it leaves the area without causing damage. Tommy waits a moment then continues. 

Tommy: So, Syndicate, come Ravage you wish to tell all these people I will be a marked man??? ... Buddy, you are a bit late to this party... I have been a marked man since I first walked through these doors, beat a legend, and took his damn title! You wonder why anyone would follow me? It's because as much as you claim to be a fighter I HAVE shown these people I am a fighter! I have fought enemies and friends, I have brought a war to the BOD, hence why I had to reclaim my spot in the Hall of Fame for 2016...

Tommy takes a second. He continues on.

Tommy: and I have helped save this Federation and been their when these fans and this locker room needed me to be... I have poured blood, sweat and tears into the WWX and I have a resume as long as my jock to show my value! And as for Syndicate?! He can't fill my jock strap! Now Syndicate, you think I am worried because you suddenly claim me marked? Where the hell have you been!? 


Tommy: On Ravage, this delusional man and I go toe to toe once again but unlike the past, things are going to be different. Before I was here testing the water, mingling and having fun with today's talent. But now it is different, now I am not playing around... It is Exam time for Syndicate... and I do not think he will pass this one. This isn't the Legend, Tommy Lipton, holding superstars hands through matchups and helping them look good. This is the Champion, Tommy Lipton, here to dispose those who oppose me. I'm a dangerous man and as much as Syndicate may not feel this, I Am Coming and I Am Going to STILL be WWX UNDISPUTED.... CHAMPION! 

Tommy goes to step down from the hill but stops, he faces the crowd and smiles. 

Tommy: Tonight I look at greatness from the past. Things never to be forgotten...

Tommy puts his hand on the bullet wound he recieved from Armada 2012... 

Tommy: In the words of a past foe of mine... Syndicate... YOU CAN HAVE THAT!


Tommy raises the Championship high and proud looking determind to put on one hell of a fight. Tommy Lipton is rolling into Ravage with one goal, 

Tommy: Eliminate the Syndicate! 

The fans cheer on...


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