Either Way, Worlds Will Collide

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Sun, Oct29, 2017 3:38am America/Phoenix
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Either Way, Worlds Will Collide
[ The segment takes place in a dark room. A quiet laughter comes out of nowhere, before Fill steps out of the shadows with a smile on his face ]

Fill: My my my. Finally hearing Damian Price's voice made me so happy. I honestly had the feeling he wouldn't show up and someone else would end up the mystery partner of Xavier.

[ He stops for a moment and shakes his head ]

Fill: Hm, no, that wasn't a good start, sorry. Don't take it the wrong way, I didn't mean that I wanted Damian to remain out of order. I'm actually delighted with the fact that we will get to bust each other's heads once again. Pardon my bad memories Damian, all that happened was a long time ago, but your affiliation with The Insurgence will always stay as a fact. It doesn't matter who betrayed who and in what order, and I never said it was a secret. I only wanted to reminds everyone that you were a part of one of those teams that overused their fame. I'm glad you aren't that person anymore and I'm even more proud that you continue to fight after all the injuries you've sustained. You might not be the king of wrestling, but you are the definition of a wrestler. You fight no matter what, even if that means facing death in the ring.

[ His expression slightly changes as he looks to the side and points a finger at the camera ]

Fill: All's good and done, but all that I said won't lead to hugs. I'm not saying all of this to make us friends. I'll try to do things your way and leave the past in the past. We have to look on at the future - Hall of Pain. If I have to be honest, it would've been perfect if this was the final and not a quarter of it, no offence to the rest of my teammates - Jester and Korath. They were unfortunately picked with other partners, but knowing those two they like a challenge. I'm sure you would've liked nothing more than to face your former partner Willie Steen, but unfortunately for you and Xavier Pendragon, Rayne and I want to in just as much as you. I had a few friends work on a little something while I was preparing for our match and I'm sure all of you will like it.

[ Fill walks back in the darker part of the room and switches the lights on. One of the walls of the room is covered in a huge poster. On that poster, Fill and Rayne are staring each other down with Xavier Pendragon and Damian Price. The camera turns back to Fill, who's hardly able to hide his happiness ]

Fill: I don't care how important the other matches might be for the WWX fans. I don't care if my performance is what it used to be. Does that answer your concerns Damian? The only way you will be able to find out is in the ring. I'll make sure not to disappoint you and Xavier. You make sure and keep your word to show us why you think you are the future WWX Tag Team Champions. I beg to differ, but you caught my attention more than you think. It should be pretty obvious since I've mostly dedicated my current time to talking about you. I've already mentioned there's not much to say about Xavier Pendragon, he's not one of the biggest talkers so the only thing I can still do is respect the guy. Less talking, more action, more pain, more hype - but not behind the camera. That's right, in the ring - in Atlanta, Georgia - at Hall Of Pain - When Worlds Collide vs The Empire. Former Tag Team Champions vs former Tag Team Champions. That's all there is to it, two major worlds colliding and only one advancing to what's important to us - the WWX Tag Team Titles.

[ The camera moves from Fill back to the huge poster, as the segment ends ]

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